Diet Dinner Ideas

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Diet Dinner Ideas

If we want to diet but because of our routine we find it hard to be constant, one of the best solutions is to make diet dinners. This way, we will improve our diet, and get better night's rest so that you do not eat calories that are not necessary before going to sleep, as our physical activity is concentrated during the day: night is a rest period. Our digestive system needs a break at the end of the day, but with this method you will also achieve a weight loss. It´s quick, easy and fun! On OneHowTo, we are going to give you some amazing diet dinner ideas to enjoy so that you go to bed lighter, improving your weight and your diet.

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Steps to follow:

First of all, before going to bed we have to eat less food and thus fewer calories. Our body does not burn at night as fast as during the day. This does not mean that we stop having certain foods altogether, since the dinner has to be varied, but we must reduce the amounts.

Let´s bear in mind the first rule: reduce the amount you are going to eat. The best trick is to serve dinner on a small dessert plate. We can visually see it as a full plate, but actually it contains much less amount than a normal plate.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 1

Follow a rigid schedule. Have dinner at the same time every day and remember not to make it too late. We recommend you dine at eight p.m. at the latest, always having taken a snack at five in the evening to not get too hungry at dinnertime. It is not advisable to sleep with a full stomach because it neither facilitates digestion nor does it allow to burn enough to lose that little kilo we believe we don´t like.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 2

Do not use big dinners as a way to compensate the fact that during the day you have not eaten all the amount of food you should have. If that day you have eaten less, follow your schedule and your amount set for the evenings, since you cannot eat too much for dinner if you are on a diet.


Have a light dinner but consume a variety of foods. That is to say, take your serving of healthy salads, vegetables of all kinds, either raw or steamed, for example. Meat and fish that are light and full of iron. Do not eat fat because it is not necessary at night. For dessert, have some fruit or a low-fat dairy product.

Opt for a light dinner in which all the nutrients are slapped together to guarantee good nutrition. Your body will burn all of the calories which it does not need.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 4

Continue eating carbohydrates before bedtime, but make sure they are whole. Bread, pasta and brown rice are more digestible than refined or white ones, they also provoke our gut to work much better and will allow us to go to the bathroom more often, which is very healthy and beneficial for a diet to be so much more effective.

Try not to add too much pasta sauces, glaze it all with a little oil. Don´t go overboard with dressings. Measure the amount with a handful of your hand, 30 grams and is more than enough for an evening dose. It is a myth that one has to consume protein at night and carbohydrates during the day. Eating the right amount of everything will make our menu more varied and healthy.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 5

Try to add some sport to your diet dinners. While you practice before dinner, consider eating something as the snack to not get anxious and hungry at dinnertime. If you have the opportunity to take a walk after dinner, that will help your body burn calories and better digest your dinner, a habit that you can incorporate into your routine and will help you greatly.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 6

If you dine outside, as it often happens because of our social lives, one trick is to eat something before leaving. As we say, not skipping the snack is essential, so have a nice snack if you know you have to go out to dinner somewhere.

Foods available in restaurants are often high in calories, so only have small amounts and always serve yourself the food or drink in a small dish. Try to avoid those with more calories.


As for your dinner drink, always choose water. Certain types of alcohol or soft drinks carry many calories and you do not need them before going to bed. It is best to accompany your diet dinner with water, and the more water the better, as it will benefit your intestinal transit and your digestion.

Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 8

An idea for your diet dinner menu counting calories could be the following:

  • 100gr potato or equivalent, you can replace this option with 30g of rice or pasta, 40g bread or 120g of peas.
  • 150g of fish or 100g of meat.
  • Unlimited amount of veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms.
  • Limited amount of maximum 200g veggies such as cabbage, artichoke, carrots, onions or beets.
  • Fruit, one piece.
  • 10ml olive oil or 15g of nuts.
Diet Dinner Ideas - Step 9

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Diet Dinner Ideas
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Diet Dinner Ideas

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