Easy to make Healthy Appetizers

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 4, 2019
Easy to make Healthy Appetizers

Whenever you organize a party in your home, it is important to have good accompaniments so your guests have a good time and enjoy themselves. So that all your guests are as comfortable as possible, it is very important for them to enjoy the food and drink that we serve them. So, from oneHOWTO we will teach you some easy to make healthy appetizers to prepare that we promise your guests will love.

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Rocket with Parmesan

This appetizer is very simple. Just put the chopped or whole rocket on some toast and season with olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar if you want. Then just put some grated Parmesan on top and a cherry tomato cut in half if you like.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Rocket with Parmesan

Prawn cocktail

Prawns are the perfect seafood to serve as an easy to make healthy appetizer. You can steam or boil them and put them on a small salad with different sauces. To avoid too much sugar and fat, we recommend accompanying the prawns with homemade sauces and avoiding ketchup and cocktail sauces. You could make a mixture of hot sauce and lemon juice. Try out Sriracha aioli for example.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Prawn cocktail


One thing that everyone always really likes is an assortment of sliced cheese on a wooden board. You can use Parmesan, brie, Emmental, blue cheese or whichever cheese you like with toast. If you want to add a different touch, you can use jam to accompany the cheese. For example, brie is great with raspberry jam.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Cheese

Vegetable Skewers

Another easy appetizer to prepare is vegetable skewers. All you have to do is to cut the vegetables into cubes and place them on wooden skewers. Then just light the grill or pan, put a little olive oil and salt on them and cook the vegetables on a low heat. It is an easy, simple and healthy dish.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Vegetable Skewers

Tuna canapés

To make this canapé just mix a tin of tuna in a large container with olive oil and a small spoonful of capers, chopped chives, finely chopped parsley and a little mayonnaise. Then put the mixture into a bowl and serve it with toast so the guests can help themselves.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Tuna canapés

Assortment of Shushi

An appetizer that will delight everyone is sushi. It is easy to prepare and very exotic. It's also incredibly versatile as you can incorporate practically any ingredients you wish. Ideally, fresh and zingy is best.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Assortment of Shushi

Fruit salad

This snack is very simple. Just cut up different kinds of fruit into cubes and put them all in small bowls. One thing we recommend is that the fruit be of different colors so the appetizer looks more attractive and so you combine sweet fruit, such as apples, with sour fruit, such as oranges.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Fruit salad

Fried almonds

Bring olive oil to the boil in a pan and put the almonds in until they are golden. Take them out and drain them a bit with paper towels. Then, while they are still hot, add a little coarse salt and pepper to taste.

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Fried almonds

Caprese Skewers

Finally you can prepare Caprese skewers. Place cherry tomatoes with pieces of creamy mozzarella cheese and fresh basil on a wooden skewer. Then put everything on a plate and dress with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. We promise you that these skewers will go down a treat!!!

Easy to make Healthy Appetizers - Caprese Skewers

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  • If you want to you can make many other snacks but the ones shown above are simple and very likeable.

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Easy to make Healthy Appetizers
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Easy to make Healthy Appetizers

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