How to Clean Borage

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean Borage

It is no secret that, depending on the area where we live, we will eat more of certain foods than others, no matter if it's meat as well as fruit and vegetables. Many people may find borage a mystery, but in areas such as Aragon in Spain, it is very popular, but is generally unheard of in other parts of the same country. Do you want to cook it but don't know how to clean it or what part to eat? On OneHowTo we explain how clean borage and how to take advantage of this vegetable.

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Steps to follow:

For most people, the most confusing thing about how to clean borage or what part of this plant is edible, are the little hairs or prickles on the stem.

Many believe that the right way to cook this food is to cut off the hairs, but you should not make the same mistake.

How to Clean Borage - Step 1

First off, you need to know that the part we actually eat from borage are the stems - even those who remove the hairs know this - but it won't make any noticeable difference to cook the stems, without removing these little hairs.


Borage leafs should be removed before cleaning the stems. You can save the petals which are in good condition and add them to a vegetable soup or cook them, according to some recipes, by sauteing them with garlic. It's completely up to you.

How to Clean Borage - Step 3

Once you've removed the leafs, cut the stem as you like. It is recommended to cut them into lengths of between 3 and 4cm (1 and 1.5 in) to make it easier to eat.

Then submerge the chopped up pieces of stem into a container of water and leave them to soak for a couple of minutes in order to get rid of any earth or dirt.


As mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to take off the little hairs off the stem, because by doing so you are only giving yourself more work, and it deprives our bodies of the many beneficial properties and vitamins of borage.


Drain the borage and it's ready to go! Now just cook as desired and enjoy this rich and nutritious plant.

Once cleaned you can cook it in many ways, you can boil them, make alternative chips, cook them au gratin, or even make soup with them.

You can also learn how to clean and cook other ingredients such as Chanterelles, snails or broccoli.

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How to Clean Borage
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How to Clean Borage

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