How to Cook Brain

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cook Brain

Brains can be used in a selection of different delicious dishes, however, not everybody knows how to cook brain. Before you get cooking, it is important that you wash the brain and remove all skin and everything else that can impede cooking or has an unpleasant texture when you have to eat it. You can use it to make succulent dishes that will leave everybody amazed. Do you know how? Learn how to cook brain in this article by

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Steps to follow:

Boil the brain in salted water. Once the brain is cooked through, remove from the water and you can use it for a selection of dishes. Brain is very versatile and you will surely find a cooking technique that suits your tastes and preferences in the options we provide below.


As a first option, you can allow it to cool and slice it for a tasty cold dish. All you need for a flavoursome dish is to cook it in water and salt. Brain is delicious cold, and it is such a quick and easy preparation as well.


You could eat cold brain alongside a main meal or add it to a salad for a protein rich meal. It will taste yummy!


You can also batter brains for a delicious fried brain dish. This is a very traditional way of cooking brain. Dip the brain in egg and flour and add to a pan of hot oil. You can either deep fry it or pan fry it, depending on how heavy you want your meal to be. Fried brain goes beautifully with aioli, which gives it an exquisite flavour as an accompaniment sauce.


You could also have it with scrambled eggs. Once cooked and not too hot, place the boiled brain in a hot pan with oil. Add an egg, season and stir everything well. This a protein rich preparation.


Then add any vegetable to the eggs, such as aubergine, which will give the dish a delightful touch of flavour and will make it a perfect complete dish for a quick dinner.


Brain is delicious, and there are many ways to cook brain, you just have to use your imagination to come up with interesting dishes to help bring out the flavour of brain.

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  • Cleaning it is essential before eating.
  • You could create a selection of different dishes using the brain as the main ingredient or as accompaniment.

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How to Cook Brain
How to Cook Brain

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