How To Cook With Fresh Ginger

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Cook With Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger is a perfect ingredient for so many things. People love it for its flavor, and some use it to relive an upset stomach too. Fresh ginger is tangy, warm, lightly spicy and mellow, due to which it goes well into a variety of dishes, that that’s not limited to Asian cooking only. It may be used as a dominant flavor in certain savory recipes, and used in conjunction with others to add flavor to the dish. Many people love fresh ginger’s taste, but they find it a pain to peel it and chop. So, they shamefully buy a pureed ginger tube or jar. Here at, we are going to discuss about how to cook with fresh ginger.

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Selecting a good fresh ginger root

Look for a plump piece that is heavy and moist. Also make sure that the piece you select has as few knobs and bumps as possible, as this will make peeling easier. Try to find an unblemished, firm piece that is not soft, wrinkled or molded. Another trick is to smell the root and check if it is strong and sharp. A good quality ginger root will have a peppery smell with a slight citrus aroma.

Preparing the ginger

To cook with fresh ginger, you may peel and slice the ginger into matchsticks or planks, or chop them, puree them, mince them or grate them, depending on the type of recipe you are making. If you want a textured component in your dish along with its flavor, then it is better to chop them into planks or matchsticks, but if just want its flavor, then you may grate it.

  • Roast ginger with your other ingredients, and they will become irresistibly chewy and crisp. Small pieces of chopped ginger will definitely provide frequent bursts of flavor. They will be a perfect match for broths. Grated ginger intends at just adding the aroma of ginger into the dish.
  • Grated ginger is a perfect form for dipping sauces, salad dressings and Salmon. Grated ginger has a non-fibrous, smooth consistency that readily blends with other ingredients of the recipe.
How To Cook With Fresh Ginger - Preparing the ginger

Cutting ginger the right way

Once you have peeled the ginger root, you can cut, chop or grate it, depending on the type you want.

  • Planks: Slice the fresh ginger diagonally across its fibers and cut it into small planks.
  • Matchsticks: You may cut ginger into thin matchstick shapes. First cut the ginger into planks, stack them on a cutting board and slice them to make thin strips
  • Minced ginger: To chop the ginger into minced stage, first cut it into planks, then into matchsticks, and then turn to 90 degrees and mince as per your desired consistency. This method will give you tiny square pieces of fresh ginger. This is ideal to make cooked dishes with ginger.
  • Grated ginger: To grate ginger, you will need to have a good quality sharp grater. The grater that you use should be sharp enough to grate even fibrous knobs of ginger. You will get a paste-like, juicy consistency after grating ginger in a grater.

Once you have chopped or grated the fresh ginger as per your requirements, add it to your recipe and get the heavenly aroma that you always desire.

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How To Cook With Fresh Ginger
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How To Cook With Fresh Ginger

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