How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops

By Maria Victoria Malela. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops

Whether you are looking to surprise your kids on their next birthday party, planning a picnic or a casual summer get-together, marshmallow pops make a surprisingly tasty treat for everyone. They are relatively cheap and easy it is to make — add a dipping and topping of your choice and possibilities are endless.

So, as you indulge in creativity and follow your cravings, OneHowTo walks you through the process of how to decorate marshmallow pops in a few simple steps.

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Steps to follow:

Come up with a unique design to decorate marshmallow pops. Start by choosing the types of marshmallows you are looking for. Marshmallows come indeed in different shapes and sizes — big, regular, small, rope-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.. You can also personalize the marshmallows by cutting them, using scissors and water to avoid stickiness. Another option is to make your own homemade marshmallows and tailor them to suit your taste.

How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops - Step 1

Once you have determined the ideal shape for your marshmallows, you may add the stick to finalize the look. Candy sticks are safer options, especially for children, but you can also get regular barbecue bamboo or paper sticks, depending on your project. To insert the stick into the marshmallow is fairly easy, dip it in water and insert.

Choose a dipping of your choice. You can find many interesting projects online. A typical topping can be milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel or a customized dipping sauce. The dipping is usually melted. Dip the pops one by one in the dipping or drizzle the dipping across the marshmallow pops to customize your treats.

How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops - Step 2

Choose from the many available toppings — colored sugar, rainbow sprinkles, walnuts, flaked almonds, shredded coconut, even melted candies.

Sprinkle your marshmallow pop as soon as you have dipped it. You can cover it entirely or just partially, then leave your marshmallow pops to dry.

How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops - Step 3

Marshmallow pops are great because they can be tailored to suit various social events. Here are a few ideas of events where your marshmallow pops will most definitely make a difference :

Baby showers

• House-warming parties

• Bachelorette parties

• Birthdays


• Brunches

• Summer dinners

Garden parties


Unlike other treats that demand more preparation time, marshmallow pops are time-saving and there are ideas to match every budget. Unleash your creativity and have fun in the process, while creating delicious signature treats. Marshmallow pops bring people of all ages together. They are the reason you want to start something exciting, like a book club or a spoken word meet up and they always make a nice topic of conversation.

How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops - Step 4

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  • If you are working on a theme, determine the project beforehand. You will have a clear idea of what types of marshmallows to purchase.
  • You can combine marshmallow pops with small pieces of fruits on the side.
  • Use edible color barkers to draw.
  • Adjust your marshmallow pops to each season and discover a variety of dips and toppings.

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How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops
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How to Decorate Marshmallow Pops

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