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How to Eat Less Food

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 16, 2021
How to Eat Less Food

Eating less does not mean neglecting our diet nor putting our health in danger. When we talk about eating less food, we refer to controlling our voracious appetite, avoid snacking and try a healthy eating and balanced diet. If you need extra help, do not miss the tips that we explain in oneHOWTO on how to eat less food.

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Steps to follow:

A trick experts use which helps us to control the amount of food we eat, is to use smaller plates. The same amount of food in a small dish deceive our mind into believing that we eat more than it seems. This is an old trick to eat less food.


Our habits and customs during mealtime are also very important when we want eat less. In this sense, nutritionists advise us to eat quietly and slowly. Why? Eating slowly and in smaller bites is little less fattening because we consume less food and feel a lot fuller sooner.


To eat less is also very important to respect the timetables for each meal, as this will avoid snacking, which is a very unhealthy habit and further fattening too. So respect the times you have your five daily meals professionals advise us: breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack and a light dinner.

How to Eat Less Food - Step 3

Note that quantity does not mean quality. This means that eating a smaller amount of food, does not mean that our diet is less healthy. The important thing is that our menu is rich in vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients the body needs; for it, see our article Keeping a balanced diet.

Superfoods are great, as they not only have lots of healthy nutrients in them, but also keep you full for a longer period of time. Take a look at the best superfood snacks for more information.

How to Eat Less Food - Step 4

And for those times when you wake up in your inner incapable of controlling hunger, you can trick your stomach and eat less with low-fat snacks that help us to satisfy the appetite. For example, hot beverages like tea or rooibos, a piece of fruit, yogurt...

How to Eat Less Food - Step 5

Have we helped you control appetite? It's not as easy as it sounds, so you'll need a good dose of willpower on your part. And now it's your turn to participate, what do you recommend us to eat less?

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How to Eat Less Food