How to Eat Quince - Best Ways to Eat and Cook Quince

How to Eat Quince - Best Ways to Eat and Cook Quince

Amongst autumn fruits we find one of the great fruits that is unknown to many: quince. With its characteristic yellow colour and, above all, intense scent, it features a range of beneficial properties for the human body that can help with different conditions. Still, it is not a fruit that is eaten raw and in order to make the most of its benefits you need to know how to cook it. In this OneHowTo article you'll find the information needed if you want to know how to eat quince.


Quince grows in the quince tree, related to apples and pears. Even though they're similar to these fruits, they have a very sour taste. Likewise, quince has rough, hard yellow flesh, so it is usually cooked and prepared in various ways before being eaten. In addition, its high pectin content makes it ideal for the production of jams, preserves and marmalades without adding substances that thicken the consistency.

In this way, it is unusual to eat raw quince although it is true that in some places it is chopped and eaten with salt. It is also worth knowing that there are different varieties of quince, according to their characteristics and especially depending on its origin.

How to eat quince: sweet quince

Thus, one of the most traditional ways of eating quince is known as quince jelly or sweet quince. To do this, you will need sugar and the fruit.

Besides eating this jelly alone or with bread, it is also very common to accompany quince jelly with cheese, so you just have to join it with the variety you like to get some tasty cheese with quince.

How to eat quince: Quince jam and marmalade

Also, another way you can eat quince is as a jam or marmalade because, as we noted earlier, they are high in pectin, making it a perfect consistency. You can use them for breakfast, snacks, making cakes or pastries... Give free rein to your imagination!

Again, for making quince jam you just need the fruits of quince, sugar and water.

How to eat quince: quince compote

Another good option is to make a compote which, in turn, is a very practical way to keep them for a long time in jars without them going off. We must not confuse this form of preparation of quince with the one explained in the previous step, since, despite also being prepared with sugar, in this case the fruit is usually kept in bigger pieces.

However, some people prefer to blend quince, so that the result is a kind of consistent mash made from the fruit. It just depends on how you like it best!

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