How to fill Crepes - Sweet and savory ideas

How to fill Crepes - Sweet and savory ideas

Are you thinking of preparing crepes? Yummy! These simple pancakes possible to prepare numerous recipes, whether sweet or savory, ideal for any time of day. Further, dough to make pancakes It is very simple and requires ingredients that we all have at home. So go ahead and stay tuned to this OneHowto article in which we explain how to fill crepes.

Fill crepes with butter & sugar

One of the most traditional fillings and simple to prepare sweet crepes is the melted butter with sugar. To do this, once you have made the crepe and still in the pan, you should add a bit of butter and spread it to melt evenly. Then you must sprinkle the sugar and leave it for a few seconds for it to crystallize.

If you like, before turning the pancake, you can also add some juice or lemon juice to give it a unique touch to the filling.

Fill crepes with chocolate

Who is not crazy for crepes filled with chocolate? Furthermore, this is a very simple filling to prepare, because you just need chocolate spread - such as Nutella- to spread on the crepe; but, if you prefer, you can choose to melt the chocolate yourself.

We recommend putting the chocolate spread on the crepe when it is still warm or is still on the pan, so that the chocolate is well melted. And for a unique twist, how about completing this filling for crepes with some slivered almonds? Delicious!

Fill crepes with jam

You can also choose to fill your crepes with the type of fruit jam you like best and prepare delicious sweet crepes. Although the Strawberry jam is the most traditional, all kinds will go well with these thin pancakes.

You just have to spread the jam on the crepe with a knife or spoon and then roll it or fold it in half twice, so it is triangular.

Fill crepes with ham and cheese

Between the most common savory fillings for crepes, you can not miss the ham and cheese crepe, a delight! In addition to eating salty crepes at breakfast or as a snack, this becomes a terrific resource for any dinner with friends.

And this can still be improved by turning it into what the French call the 'crêpe complète', i.e full crepe. You'll only need to add a few mushrooms and an egg to the ham & cheese, and you can even put diced tomatoes. What are you waiting for?

Fill crepes with mushrooms and bechamel

Another good answer to what to fill crepes with is the following: with mushrooms and bechamel, a unique combination to also prepare savory crepes. You must first prepare the Bechamel sauce and saute the mushrooms properly spiced; then mix it all and pour the right amount on the crepe before folding. Bon appétit!

If you prefer you can also add some sautéed leek for some extra taste, we assure you this addition will taste awsome!

Other stuffed crepes

Crepes offer endless possibilities when it comes to filling, since the dough can be combined with any ingredient, either sweet or savory. Besides those we just explained, some other fillings for crepes that are very common are:

  • Chopped banana or orange liquor (10 cl and 20 cl of Cognac Grand Marnier)
  • Pancakes with chocolate dough
  • Salmon with cream and lemon
  • Salmon and cream cheese
  • Variations to 'the complète'
  • What comes to mind!

If you prefer, you can also make the dough egg-free. Read our article on How to make crepes without eggs and try it out!

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