How to Keep Fondant Moist - Tips for Storage and Preservation

How to Keep Fondant Moist - Tips for Storage and Preservation

In recent years confectionery has become increasingly popular and has reached levels of unimaginable fame and recognition. What was once reserved only for confectioners and experts is now a common practice that virtually everyone can enjoy. Among the many possibilities, fondant decorations are often the most popular among lovers of sweets. Preparing it at home, handling it and creating figures is easy, but fondant does present a problem: Once made or opened this sugar paste will harden within just a few days. To prevent this from happening so you can use it for longer, in this oneHOWTO article we explain how to keep fondant moist.

Steps to follow:

The first thing to know is that, unlike other foods, cold temperatures are not good for fondant as it hardens faster. So, under no circumstance should you keep it in the freezer or fridge. It is true that, when we make fondant at home, it is put in the fridge for a couple of hours to set; this is precisely done to make it dry faster and have it acquire the right consistency, not to store it.


The best way to keep the fondant is in plastic wrap to avoid it cracking. Cover all the fondant you have left over after decorating a cake or making figures. Make sure the plastic wrap is tight so no air can get in and then store in a covered container. Then keep this container at room temperature, neither hot nor cold, and free of humidity.


If you have a large amount of fondant it is recommended that, once wrapped in plastic, you put it in freezer bags to ensure no more air enters, then place these bags in containers with zip seals. This will ensure that the fondant is kept in perfect condition until you next need to use it. Remember that air and moisture are completely incompatible with fondant.


Each time you go to use the fondant remember that you must knead it well to have its texture and consistency return. Do not use tin foil to store excess fondant because it will not last. This type of paper is not as air tight and efficient as plastic cling film when it comes to preserving and keeping food for a medium or long period of time.


In regard to how to sore fondant cake, you should know that the same is true of the worked paste: no refrigerator or freezer. Remember that one of the main ingredients in fondant is sugar, an ingredient which dissolves in water, so it is not advisable to place worked fondant in the fridge. Ideally, enter it in a box or container with a lid and store in a place at room temperature and which does not receive direct sunlight or fluorescent light as these can damage the paste. Do not cover it with plastic cling film as you may damage the decorations.


Once you have started to eat the cake, should you have any left over portions, you must store it in the refrigerator but it must be eating within the coming days. It is advisable to keep the pieces left over in a covered container, as you would with any other sponge cake.

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