How to Make a Basic Curry Sauce from Scratch

How to Make a Basic Curry Sauce from Scratch

Curry is known Worldwide for accompanying many spicy dishes made in Asian kitchens. Making a basic curry sauce doesn´t have to be hard or take too long,

In this article we'd like to show you how to make a basic curry sauce from scratch. This one is an easy-to-prepare sauce and is very useful to accompany with vegetables, rice, fish or meat.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Pour some butter or ghee in a frying pan and let it heat up to start preparing the curry sauce.


When the frying pan is properly heated, add the chopped onions, tomato and a finely chopped bouquet garni, and leave it to cook on low heat.


Next, you'll have to add flour, vegetable broth and the curry powder to the frying pan and keep stirring for approximately 5 minutes.


After this time has passed, take the pan off the heat and sieve the mix so you can season the curry sauce as you wish.


To finish your basic curry sauce, you have to add a peeled and chopped apple in small pieces, and cook it again all together for a couple more minutes. Isn´t it easy to make a basic curry sauce?

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