How To Make a Cake Pan Out Of Foil

How To Make a Cake Pan Out Of Foil

Sure you've more than once wanted to make a cake, pie or quiche of a certain size or shape and did not have the suitable mold to put in the oven. There are many types of mold on sale but they are usually very expensive and not everybody can buy one every time you need a new shape. Another option would be to buy throwaway foil molds but have you thought that you can do it yourself? In this article, OneHowTo will explain how. It's simple, you only need foil and the container you want to copy the shape from for your mold. Or if you prefer, you can even shape your own with your fingers.Now we'll explain how to make a cake pan out of foil.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step to make a cake pan out of foil is to choose the container you want to use as a base for your cake pan (We have taken two different sizes). The containers can be made of any material you fancy, the important thing is that it matches the right shape and size for the cake you want to make.


Now, we can start making our cake pan out of foil. First, put the chosen container upside down.


Next, place three or four layers foil on top of the container. Make sure the pieces of foil are larger than the container.


Press the silver paper with your fingers to mold it into the same shape as the container.


Separate the container and turn the foil around. You already have the shape of the cake pan done!


Cut the excess foil with scissors. If you look at the picture below, you'll see we have left room for about 1 cm (half an inch approximately) so we can then fold over the remaining flap.


So this is what your cake pan out of foil will look like, there is only one small detail left.


Just fold the remaining part outwards (the piece you have left when cutting with scissors) to the edge of cake pan.


You now have your mold finished!


As you see, it will be exactly the same size and shape as the container you used as a sample sample.


Here are the two cake pans we have made as an example so you can do your own and create lots of delicious cakes such as low calorie chocolate brownies, apple cake or an easy sponge cake.

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  • We recommend that once you have done the mold, put it directly on the baking sheet. So when you throw the dough into the mold it will be prepared on the tray and it will not deform when moving it from one place to another.
  • Use this mold in the same way you would use a bought one. Put butter and flour on the base so that the dough doesn't stick.