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How to Make Healthy Snacks

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Make Healthy Snacks

An afternoon snack can not be avoided, even if you are on a diet. By eating something at mid-afternoon we can lower hunger and give us an energy injection that will help us continue our work before ending the day. However, it is advisable to set aside chocolates and pastries and opt for other low calorie snacks; for this reason at OneHowTo we tell you how to make healthy snacks.

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One of the basic rules for healthy eating lies in having 5 meals a day. Why? Because we distribute the energy absorption throughout the day and this helps us feel stronger, stops us from being hungry and helps our body work through the day. Therefore, even if you are on a diet, you should know that this is a snack you should not skip.

If you do not eat anything in the afternoon the hunger felt by dinner time will be much bigger than if you filled your stomach a little before hand, and over eating at diner time results in weight gain. So, whatever your situation, you should not skip your afternoon snack.

How to Make Healthy Snacks - Step 1

What we do need to be clear about is that the snack should not have a high caloric value, in fact it should only be between 150 or 200 kcal what should be eaten at this time. To enjoy a healthy snacks it is important that you eliminate from your diet all products with excess fat or sugar that supply few nutrients but many calories: pastries, chocolate and salty snacks have to disappear from your diet and be replaced by other much more healthy and nutritious foods.

If you're looking for ideas, here you can find the best gluten-free recipes under 200 calories.

How to Make Healthy Snacks - Step 2

There is a controversy surrounding carbohydrates in the afternoon; this food group is recommended during the first hours of the day and so their use during the afternoon and evening should be restricted. The main reason is that carbohydrates need to be burned, because if not they end up accumulating in our body in the form of saturated fat. So in general we would say that carbohydrates are not a good choice for a snack.

However, if you usually do sport in the afternoon or an activity that requires a lot of energy, then yes you can incorporate this food group into your snacks. Choose foods made with whole wheat flour and not refined flour as these do contain many sugars and lack nutrients. Whole wheat sandwiches or whole grain biscuits and cereals are a good choice for those who still have many things to do during the day.

How to Make Healthy Snacks - Step 3

To make healthy snacks, we recommend you draw up a list with possible snacks so that you will not get bored of eating the same thing every day. If you will be away from home it is important to be proactive and carry it with you as but it is very easy to fall into the temptation of going to a bakery or grocers and buy high-fat sweets. So make a list with the distribution of your snacks for each week and ensure you always carry a healthy snack in your purse or one to be left at work. Take a look at the best superfood snacks that will keep you feeling full for longer.

How to Make Healthy Snacks - Step 4

Next in OneHowTo we will give you some examples of healthy snacks so you see what you can eat during this time of the day without gaining weight and giving your body exactly what it needs:

  • Fat plain yoghurt with shredded chunks of fresh fruit: a good option is to cut natural strawberry pieces and mix these with yoghurt. You will feel satiated and it tastes great.
  • Smoothie: take whatever fresh fruit you like, mix it with a skimmed yoghurt and a little skimmed milk and whisk it all in a blender. It will be delicious and will almost have no calories. Try a fresh strawberry smoothie, and you'll see how satisfying it is.
  • Fruit salad or seasonal fruit: although fruit is considered a simple carbohydrate, it is a perfect choice to eat as a snack due to its high sugar intake but low calorie count. It is ideal way to satisfy your body's craving for sugar without eating fat.
  • If you fancy something salty can choose low-fat protein such as three slices of turkey, a fresh skimmed cheese or a can of tuna in brine.
  • People who do sport or other activities that require a power source can take carbohydrates in their snack. Two or three crackers, a handful of whole grains or a sandwich made with low fat ingredients is a healthy and nutritious choice. In OneHowTo we share with you some ideas on what are the least fattening snacks.
How to Make Healthy Snacks - Step 5

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How to Make Healthy Snacks