How to Make Honey and Lemon for a Sore Throat

How to Make Honey and Lemon for a Sore Throat

We all know how uncomfortable it is to have a sore throat, having a croaking voice or simply coughing painfully. Lemon and honey have many benefits and it's completely adequate for these cases, as the mixture of lemon and a touch of honey makes your throat soft in minutes. If you don't know how to prepare it, don't worry, oneHOWTO will show you how to make honey and lemon for a sore throat and help you stop suffering when swallowing. You only need water, lemon and honey.

Steps to follow:

The first step to make honey and lemon for a sore throat is to boil water. You can do it in the microwave, in a pot or boil water in a water boiler.

We recommend using bottled water to avoid excess chlorine or other substances that are usually in tap water, though there is no need to worry if you do use tap water.


Next, pour the boiling water in a mug if you have made it in a pot or boiler. We do not recommend using a glass as it could burst due to the temperature of the water. If you have heated it in the microwave, be careful when you get the mug as it can be very hot.


Get the lemon and a chopping board to cut it in half with a knife. Remove the seeds you may find. With a juicer or lemon squeezer you can juice both halves of the lemon in a small mug or cup. If you don't have a juicer you can juice it by hand, but it will be harder to squeeze the juice out.


The next step will be to prepare the lemon and honey mix for your sore throat by adding the honey. You will have to add the same amount of lemon as honey and stir it properly with a spoon so it's well mixed.

Regarding the type of honey you use, it's not significant, so you can choose your favorite: rosemary, orange blossom, multi-flower... It will still have all of its health benefits.


Once the mix is done, let it cool down, but only so you don't burn yourself because it must be hot in order to help you relieve your sore throat, but without scalding yourself. You can also choose other tips and tricks that can help you with this condition:

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