How to make light dinners

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make light dinners

Light dinners are essential to enjoy a healthy life and to avoid that the foods eaten become saturated fats. The energy from certain foods can turn to fat if we do not burn it, this will lead to putting on body weight and have a less healthy body.

In OneHowTo we help so that you know how to make light dinners and enjoy a healthy meal before bed time.

Food banned at dinner

During dinner there are a number of foods that are best avoided because they have a high content of fat; their high calories and long digestion times make them real enemies of a good night's rest. It is best to go for light dinners, calming the sensation of hunger without filling the stomach too much or eating too many calories.

One of the tips that we must follow most rigorously is: Breakfast is king, have lunch like a prince but be a pauper at dinner. This is the key to healthy eating spread out according to the needs of our bodies so to be able to function during the day.

First thing in the morning we need to supply our bodies with calories and energy to operate throughout the day. However, at dinner we should only eat a little to not go hungry, but without going overboard as eating too much will prevent us from sleeping and cause indigestion.

Next, we at OneHowTo want to offer you a list of foods to avoid at dinner time:

Carbohydrates: its high fat content makes is a poor choice for dinner. In this group are foods such as bread, pasta, rice, legumes, cereals, etc.

Lettuce: there are many myths concerning salads as an evening meal. If you have a tomato salad there is no problem, however, if your salad has lettuce we cannot recommend it as a dinner food. Lettuce is a plant which has a large amount of insoluble fibre, a component that does not allow for easy digestion and can lead to the production of gases and a bloated feeling.

Fruit: it is advisable to eat fruit during the day and with an empty stomach; at night fruit should not be eaten because they are foods with high levels of fructose (natural sugar) that sit around in out digestive system while we sleep.

Cured meats: even if they are protein, cured meats are a type of food that have a high content of fat and should be avoided if wanting to know how to make light dinners. This is worse if eaten in a sandwich: the mix of carbohydrates and cured meats is a dinner calorie bomb.

How to make light dinners - Food banned at dinner

Food allowed at dinner

Following the list above you may be asking yourself 'what can I have for dinner?' Keep calm because there are many foods, recipes and ideas for light dinners which will allow you to enjoy eating healthy foods suitable for the end of the day.

Next in OneHowTo we provide a list of foods permitted at dinner so you know what to eat at dinner without putting on weight or having a bad night.

Cooked vegetables: A food which cannot fail to be enjoyed at light dinners as they are low in calories, they provide a filling feeling and their high fibre content make cooked vegetables the perfect food to put an end to the day. You can use them in all their varieties: oven cooked, steamed, creamed or in a soup, mashed, sautéed, etc.

Protein: meats, fish or eggs are suitable for eating during dinner. But if what you want is light dinners we recommend proteins which are low in fats, such as lean meats or white fish.

Low-fat dairy: this group of food is also good for dinner time as they have a low calorie content. In addition, dairy products provide filling effect that combats hunger even if you have had a small dinner.

To make light dinners, you must pay particular attention to the way in which you cook the food. For example, forget eating battered meat or fried vegetables; choose healthier recipes cooked in little oil or on the grill, oven or steamed. In this way that your dishes will have low calories and be perfect before sleeping.

In this article we explain what the consequences of little sleeping well are.

How to make light dinners - Food allowed at dinner

Examples of light dinners

In summary, we are going to share with you a weekly a menu that will act as a guideline so you know how to make light dinners and enjoy a healthier way of life low in calories, takes note of our proposals!

  • Monday: Pumpkin cream soup with chicken or turkey burger 0% fat white cheese
  • Tuesday: Detox broth grilled sole skimmed yoghurt
  • Wednesday: Courgette stuffed with chicken
  • Thursday: Spinach vegetable omelette infusion
  • Friday: vegetable soup and oven cooked hake
  • Saturday: Chicken broth and grilled vegetables with boiled egg
  • Sunday: Mashed vegetables and oven cooked turkey breast

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How to make light dinners
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How to make light dinners

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