How to make low-calorie desserts

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 24, 2017
How to make low-calorie desserts

There is always a good opportunity to get yourself into the kitchen and make a special effort with home-made desserts, made with great love, all to delight our taste buds and our loved ones. But that does not always have to mean using a lot of sugar. In fact, often caring for our loved ones means means we don't give them too much sugar so as to create adverse health problems as it is important to provide a healthy and balanced diet. At oneHOWTO we can reveal to you the secret of how to make low-calorie desserts to make your life sweeter and healthier without the problems.

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Choose low-calorie ingredients

To succeed in making low-calorie desserts the first thing you need to pay attention when selecting your ingredients. More often than not, we don't need to look too closely to know which ingredients we shouldn't use and which ones are better to include in your diet. So keep this in mind when picking your low-calorie foods for your dessert.

We recommend desserts that can be made with the following ingredients:

  • Wholegrain flour instead of refined flour. In addition to fewer calories, this flour will benefit your whole body due to its high-fibre content and other properties, some of which are particulaarly good in aiding digestion.
  • Fruit and vegetables can act as natural sweeteners and bring flavour and colour to our desserts. You can try using a banana instead of eggs in pancake mix to get a similar result.
  • Artificial sweeteners to replace sugar. This is definitely no secret in the world of healthy confectionery. Provided that you can avoid sugar, your scales and your health will thank you for it.
  • Milk, cheese and low-fat yoghurt can be used for home-made sponge cakes. It's the best way to treat yourself for both breakfast and snack times. A classic yoghurt sponge cake made with light ingredients can contain as little as 60 calories per slice.

Healthier cooking methods

To excel in learning how to make low-calorie desserts it is essential to take great care in your cooking method for desserts.

Without a doubt, avoid frying any kind of ingredient and even less so, if it is butter-based. If you do fry, olive oil is one of the healthiest alternatives out there. It is sometimes even good to eat on its own as a salad dressing as it is high in antioxidants and can even reduce the chane of heart disease. However, we recommend using the oven for any baking and don't be afraid to use the grill.

How to make low-calorie desserts - Healthier cooking methods

Low-calorie recipes

Taking these tips into account, at oneHOWTO we've selected the most low-calorie dessert recipes for you to try at home from our archive of recipes. Here are a few:

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How to make low-calorie desserts
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How to make low-calorie desserts

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