How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread
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Every kid loves Nutella! It is one of the most delicious spreads around and it always seems to make kids happy. It is a great ingredient for many delicious desserts including Nutella cookies, and you can use it to create some tasty, yet very simple snacks, so why not make your kids a nice treat? This colorful snack will keep them busy and have them asking for more? So keep reading and let OneHowTo show you how to make the most perfect Nutella fairy bread that your kids will want over and over again!

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Here is what you will need to make Nutella fairy bread:

Thick slices of bread (You can use white or wholegrain)


Sprinkles or Hundreds and thousands

Spread the Nutella

Take the bread slices and spread the Nutella over them. Make sure that you cover each of the slices heavily in Nutella so that your children will get the full taste of the Nutella, but also for the next step! This is because once you have spread Nutella all over the bread, you are now ready to make it into Nutella fairy bread by covering with sprinkles!

How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread - Spread the Nutella

Add the Sprinkles or "Fairydust"

In order for this snack to live up to its name you need to add a little bit magic, or if you prefer fairydust. This is where the sprinkles or Hundreds and Thousands come in. Sprinkles will make the fairy bread a lot of fun!

In order to do this stage easily, spread out roughly the desired quantity of sprinkles onto a plate. Simply place each slice of Nutella covered bread face down in the sprinkles and press lightly each time.

Once you have covered the bread in sprinkles, you can cut it into little slices and squares for your kids or you can coat another piece with Nutella and make a fairy bread sandwich. Whatever form of snack you choose, your kids will love it and crave Nutella fairy bread every day!

How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread - Add the Sprinkles or "Fairydust"

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How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread
Image: pixabay
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How To Make Nutella Fairy Bread

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