How to Peel Green Garlic

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Peel Green Garlic

Green garlic is a fabulous ingredient in the kitchen and it is particularly used in the preparation of soups and stews. When you use one, there is an aspect that we can never ignore: clean and peel your green garlic adequately in order to remove dirt and debris and to ensure a delicious taste. Do you want to make some lovely garlic? On we show you how to peel green garlic easily.

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Steps to follow:

The most important thing when peeling green garlic is to remove the outer husk, which is usually dirty or damaged. That way, the rest will be in perfect condition. Start by removing this part with your hands before proceeding with cleaning and preparing the darling bud.

How to Peel Green Garlic - Step 1

Therefore, it is important to wash each piece of green garlic with fresh water in order to remove any residual soil that may be hanging on.


Remove the root with a knife and then remove the top tender leaves or shoots. Leave only the short stem in the soft and nice area. Also leave a little of its white part.

You can chop the green garlic slices for frying or use it whole. This will depend on your taste or the recipe you decide to prepare.

How to Peel Green Garlic - Step 3

Ready, set, cook! Following these wonderful simple tips, you will get to peel and chop green garlic to perfection.

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How to Peel Green Garlic
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How to Peel Green Garlic

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