How to Tell if Tofu Has Gone Bad - Shelf Life of Tofu

How to Tell if Tofu Has Gone Bad - Shelf Life of Tofu

Tofu is a great source of plant-based protein. It is also a great ingredient in many asian recipes. So it's no wonder people from all around the world enjoy eating tofu. However, just like any other food, tofu can go bad after a certain date.

In this oneHOWTO article we're going to explain how to tell if tofu has gone bad and explain the shelf-life of tofu. Keep learning to find out if your tofu is safe to eat!

Can tofu go bad?

Yes, tofu can reach its expiration date and, hence, go bad. Once it does, it's not recommended to consume the tofu as it can lead to you feeling ill, experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. If you did consume bad tofu and you are experiencing these symptoms, make sure to go the your medical professional if it lasts for more than 24 hours.

Shelf life of tofu

So, what is the shelf-life of tofu? When is it safe to eat? Unopened tofu can still be safe for consumption for 2 to 3 months after the stated manufacturing date. If the tofu has been placed in a freezer, it can last for months to years. But as the rule of thumb, the maximum freezing time of tofu would be 3 to 4 months.

How to tell if tofu has gone bad

If you're wondering how to tell if your tofu has gone bad, follow our tips:

1. Check the expiration date on the package

Firstly, check the expiration date on the package. This is usually the best indicator of whether the tofu is safe to eat. This is because it is estimated from when it was made or packaged. However, if your tofu doesn't have the expiration date, you can try our following tips.

2. Is the package inflated?

Another indictor that the tofu has gone bad is that the package has become inflated. This is due to the fermentation and the bacteria from the tofu going bad inside of the package.

3. Check the color

Another way to tell if tofu has gone bad is its color. Expired tofu will not have a nice egg white color, instead, it will start to have a yellow-ish or brown color. Some may even start to have mold. So, if the tofu has a strange aspect, it's has probably expired already.

4. Check the smell

The biggest sign that tofu has gone bad is its smell. When tofu has gone bad, you can smell it even from a closed package. To be sure, you can open it up and smell it again. If it has a bad or sour smell, the tofu has gone bad and you shouldn't consume it.

For more useful tricks to avoid this product from rotting too soon, take a look at how to keep Tofu freshand make sure it lasts as long as it can!

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