Is Avocado Fattening for You?

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
Is Avocado Fattening for You?

Avocado is a versatile and delicious fruit that most of us consume as a vegetable by using it in salads, as the star ingredient in dishes such as guacamole or avocado jam and even as a lovely addition in a sandwich or piece of toast. In Latin American cuisine, this ingredient is used often, so it is normal to ponder about its nutritional properties and its effect on our figure.

Is avocado fattening for you? If you have often wondered about this and want a true answer, free of myths, then you've come to the right place. This article from ponders the question of whether avocado is fattening or not, with an overview of its nutritional properties and the best way of consuming it.

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The properties of avocado

100 grams of avocado contains 160 kcal, which is why it is considered a highly calorific food, especially when we take into account its high fat content. However, most of its fat is monounsaturated, meaning that it is beneficial fatty acids to our health.For this reason, avocado is considered a food that enhances the well-being of the body and also does not provide carbohydrates.

This ingredient provides:

  • A great amount of EFAs that help encourage the production of good cholesterol or HDL, regulate triglyceride levels and prevent heart disease.
  • It has fiber which helps regulate intestinal transit and also helps to properly maintain sugar levels and cholesterol in our body.
  • It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, making it ideal for nutrition and also for skin, hair and nail beauty.
  • Due to its high content of vitamin E , it s considered an excellent antioxidant, preventing premature aging of cells and the formation of free radicals.
  • Its high fiber intake helps keep you satiated, so eating avocado may be key to reducing appetite and to helping you eat less.
  • Because of its fat content, it is also an excellent source of energy, helping us stay active every day.
Is Avocado Fattening for You? - The properties of avocado

Is avocado fattening or not?

The high contents of essential fatty acids in avocado makes it a very healthy food, despite being very fatty. This is due to the fact that its fat content is mostly monounsaturated fat. This means that it helps our body to prevent fat from accumulating in the arteries, raising good cholesterol and lowering bad.

But, is avocado fattening or not? It all depends on how much you eat. Generally speaking, the fat it contains is good; however, even good fats consumed in excess will result in weight gain. That is why eating large amounts of oily fish like salmon or trout, or a lot of olive oil, is not advisable if you want to lose or maintain weight. Similarly, eating avocado at every meal or accompanied with very fatty foods like cheese, or refined carbohydrates like white bread, is not advisable either if you want to lose weight.

If you overeat avocado, you will most certainly gain weight, given its high calorific value. If you decide to incorporate an avocado every day into your meals by eating it with, e.g. a salad, in a smoothie or on a couple pieces of toast in the morning, you should cut back on saturated fats and monitor the intake of other fatty foods. If not, you'll be consuming more lipids than your body needs.

Is Avocado Fattening for You? - Is avocado fattening or not?

How to eat avocado without getting fat

To eat avocado without getting fat we recommend that you:

  • Consume it 2 times a week in a salad, a sandwich, on toast or in a smoothie.
  • If you practice sport frequently, then you can increase your intake to 3 or 4 times a week. It's best if you eat it 3 hours before sport as it provides energy and promotes muscle regeneration.
  • Consume a maximum of half an avocado in one meal.
  • Use it to replace other products rich in fat instead of combining them, e.g. add it to a sandwich or wholemeal toast instead of butter or cheese to enjoy its good calorific value.
  • If you want to accompany it with a carbohydrate, it must be wholemeal, i.e. avoid white bread, nachos or potatoes.

It is healthy a food; however you should not overeat it. If you want to add it to your diet but do not know where to start, take a look at our article on slimming world recipes with avocado for more.

Is Avocado Fattening for You? - How to eat avocado without getting fat

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