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The Best Easy Cake Recipes

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 24, 2022
The Best Easy Cake Recipes

Are you looking for some easy homemade cake recipes? You've come to the right place! And on OneHowTo we have a lot of articles that explain in detail what ingredients you need and the steps to enjoy this simple and tasty treat. Get down to work and start preparing these delicious and easy cake recipes.

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  1. Traditional Cake
  2. Yogurt Cake
  3. Chocolate cake
  4. Lemon Cake
  5. Orange Cake
  6. Sugar-free cake
  7. Gluten free cakes
  8. Gluten-free easy cakes
  9. Toppings

Traditional Cake

Cake, sponge cake... call it what you want but the result is always the same: a simple cake, quick to prepare and delicious every time. Making cakes is no mystery and you can also make them from ingredients that you are sure to have at home such as flour, sugar and eggs. On OneHowTo we offer various traditional cake recipes for every of your needs:

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Traditional Cake

Yogurt Cake

A variation is to add yogurt either natural, or lemon (or whatever other flavor you prefer), to the cake. The cup of yogurt will serve as a reference measure for the rest of your sponge cake ingredients. So don't wait any longer and find out how to make a yogurt cake. You'll love it!

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Yogurt Cake

Chocolate cake

And for those who love chocolate... a tasty chocolate cake! You can choose to add chocolate frosting, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup or the whatever you like best. We offer you different recipes:

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Chocolate cake

Lemon Cake

A classic cake is lemon cake, a great cake for any occasion: breakfast, snacks, desserts... In addition to the essential ingredients you need to make any cake, you just need to add grated lemon peel and to follow the steps of a regular sponge cake. You'll notice the difference!

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Lemon Cake

Orange Cake

And for those who prefer oranges, they may also enjoy a tasty orange cake. In this case, besides the zest you must also add the juice or some orange juice to further flavor the cake; we suggest visiting our recipe:

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Orange Cake

Sugar-free cake

So no-one gets left out of eating cake! Diabetics can also enjoy cakes without sugar. To do this, you just have to use sweeteners that are suitable for people with diabetes such as liquid stevia or saccharine. So do not waste time and discover how to make a cake without sugar and we even explain how to replace sugar to facilitate your daily life.

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Sugar-free cake

Gluten free cakes

Nor do celiacs have to miss out, because even though wheat flour is used for the original cake recipe it is also possible to prepare other types of flour suitable for celiacs. Just replace this ingredient and follow the instructions of a regular sponge cake!

Bon Appétit!

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Gluten free cakes

Gluten-free easy cakes

There's no excuse for not enjoying a delicious cake even if you are celiac, as flour can easily be substituted by other alternatives such as rice flour, spelt or oatmeal flour. If you're also a cheese fan, then take a look at this easy recipe for gluten-free cheesecake and enjoy your desert.

The Best Easy Cake Recipes - Gluten-free easy cakes


For the toppings of any of these cakes OneHowto also has plenty of recipes that will give your cakes the perfect final touch. You can choose for simple icing sugar powdered on top of the cake, make chocolate fondant for an amazing appearance, or be more adventurous and pour some mango sauce for a more exotic taste. Whipped cream is another easy-to-make alternative to top up your cake.

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The Best Easy Cake Recipes