The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: December 4, 2017
The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers

Babies and toddlers have special nutritional requirements. They are in both their physical and mental development stage, so they need all the nutrients they can get to grow into healthy adults. But children are not health conscious and they are choosy about the foods they eat. This is why it is important to incorporate only the healthiest of foods into their regular diets. Read this article to find out the best superfoods for babies and toddlers.

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Milk as a superfood

Although somewhat obvious, milk definitely needs a mention on this list. The high calcium and protein content in milk makes it a superfood and provides fuel for your baby or toddler’s body, particularly its developing brain. Protein in the milk is helpful in building the brain tissue, which is helpful in keeping your baby’s teeth and bones strong. Milk is also laden with other essential nutrients, including phosphorus, vitamin A, some B vitamins etc.

The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers - Milk as a superfood

Bananas as a superfood

Bananas are full of useful carbohydrates and provide all the sustained energy that babies and toddlers need to stay active during the day. High fiber content in bananas is useful in supporting their digestive system. They are easy to carry as well, thanks to their natural peel-able package. If you are giving a banana to a baby, make sure that it is ripe and mashed thoroughly. It won't stop the superfood benefits. You can give chopped banana pieces to toddlers, but they should be properly ripe also and should be eaten under supervision in case of choking.

The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers - Bananas as a superfood

Avocados as a superfood

Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats that boost babies and kids’ mental development, making them one of the tastiest superfoods. The fat composition of this buttery fruit is very much similar to the composition of breast milk. They have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and have high protein content as well. Make sure that the avocados you give to your baby or toddler are ripe, peeled and mashed well. Since it contains high amounts of fat, it will quickly make your child feel full. When giving it to a baby, you can mash it together with a little breast milk into it to get a smooth consistency.

The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers - Avocados as a superfood

Eggs as a superfood

Egg whites contain loads of protein and egg yolks are richest sources of vitamin A, D, E and B12, and zinc. Although some argument exists over twhether or not it is a superfood, there are discernible benefits, such as the egg yolk containing choline that is crucial for the health and development of the human brain. In addition, eggs are also rich sources of omega 3s, lutein antioxidant, folate, and a number of minerals including iron, zinc and selenium. The high vitamin D content in eggs helps in the absorption of calcium. Serving eggs to the baby or toddler at breakfast will make him fuller for longer.

The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers - Eggs as a superfood

Broccoli as a superfood

Broccoli is perhaps the darkest green leafy vegetable that is high in folate and iron and rich in antioxidants also. As a superfood, it contains huge amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium which serve as great bone building nutrients. It is important to introduce your toddler to the bold flavor of broccoli at an early age itself, so that he will develop his taste for it with age. Do not boil broccoli, as it reduces its vitamin C content by almost 50%. Prefer to microwave or steam it. If your baby or toddler does not like the taste of this vegetable, you can add some sweeter and healthier vegetables to it, like butternut squash or sweet potato. Both these vegetables are highly nutritious for babies and toddlers as well.

The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers - Broccoli as a superfood

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The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers
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The Best Superfoods For Babies And Toddlers

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