What Are Some Examples Of White Fish

What Are Some Examples Of White Fish

We often hear people talking about white fish, we know they are healthy and nutritious but do we really know what types belong to this group? It's important to know them, especially for those who are trying to eat low calorie protein. At oneHOWTO we find out what are some examples of white fish.

What characterizes white fish?

Just like how Cold-Water Fish are characterised by a favourable fat content, white fish are characterised by being low calorie. The fat content of these fish is 3%, maximum, per serving, which makes them ideal really light alternatives to slimming, healthy diets or to keep cholesterol and triglycerides levels at a healthy point.

In addition, it is an easy alternative to digest, so it helps us avoid stomach heaviness, making it the ideal food when we need to stay active. There are several white fish, we give you a list of the most popular.


Hake is one of the most popular white fish, providing B vitamins, carbohydrates and it is low in protein, making it ideal for children and for those seeking a light and delicious alternative.


Cod is one of the most consumed fish because it is a very versatile and delicious white fish option. It is full of vitamins and Omega 3, benefiting our health and helping to take care of our heart.

Find out how to make cod balls to enjoy this fish to its full potential.


The grouper fish is rich in vitamin B, E, proteins and minerals, making it a healthy choice that also has very few bones, this feature makes it the perfect choice for children.

Baked, grilled grouper or accompanied by delicious mushrooms is an excellent alternative.


Whiting, which is the name given to this type of hake, it is an excellent fish to consume if we want a healthy but delicious food. It is a great source of minerals and vitamin B12.

You can bake it with white wine or fry it, which is one of the most popular way to eat it.


Even though anglerfish is on the list of white fish, is also one of the most calorific in the group. But its calcium content makes it an excellent source of nutrients, also offering protein and vitamin B9, so it is a great nutritional alternative.

Anglerfish is popularly consumed baked, sautéed or grilled, it's delicious however you make it.


Another popular widely consumed white fish is sea-bream a perfect alternative to bake, fry or grill. It is rich in omega 3 and 6 and proteins, besides being very easy to digest and having very few calories. It's very meaty which makes it a great choice for fish eaters.


Sole is an example of white fish that provides a generous supply of B vitamins and iodine, being a very healthy alternative. One of the most classic ways of consuming it is baked but it is also usually made with various sauces, fried or steamed, ideal for healthier meals.

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