What Are the Benefits of Paneer

What Are the Benefits of Paneer

Paneer, also known as cottage cheese, is a curd cheese dairy product prepared from cow’s milk. Milk is allowed to curdle and then it is drained completely to make Paneer. Milk can be curdled by adding some chemical enzymes, vinegar or lemon juice to it. In hot climatic conditions, milk goes bad on its own and curdles naturally. Paneer is known for its mild and bland taste, and is used in a variety of curries and dishes. Paneer not only tastes delicious, it is healthy for you as well. This OneHowTo.com article is going to tell you what are the benefits of Paneer.

Paneer is protein rich

If you are a vegetarian, you are kept away from the intake of meat products, due to which you may not receive enough protein in your diet. Adding Paneer to your regular diet can keep protein levels high in your body. 100 gm of Paneer can give you as much as 18 gms of protein, due to which it proves to be a great ingredient in your dishes, especially if you are weight training or building muscles.

Improves teeth and bone strength

In addition to protein, Paneer is rich in calcium as well. Thus, it helps in adding strength to your bones and teeth, and keep them in healthy condition. As far as nutrition is concerned, Paneer is considered to be healthier than milk alone, though Paneer is a milk product itself. If you take equal amount of milk and Paneer in a day, you will gain more nutrition from Paneer, but you will consume more calories too. So, if you are not concerned about your weight, and want to keep your teeth and bones in healthy condition, then add Paneer in your regular diet.

Burns more fat

Although Paneer is high in calories, it helps in burning more calories during the day. Paneer is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid helpful in losing weight. It works by improving the fat burning processes of your body. So, if you are planning to lose weight, you can add a certain amount of Paneer in your regular diet. Paneer is also helpful in keeping away any hunger pangs in between the meals. Since Paneer is rich in protein, it allows slow release of energy and does not allow blood sugar levels to spike. Once you eat a Paneer dish, you will keep feeling satiated for a long time, and prevent over-eating.

It is friendly to diabetic people

Paneer is high in protein and low in carbs, due to which it becomes an excellent ingredient for diabetic patients. Because of this characteristic, it also allows energy to release in your body slowly, but does not allow blood sugar levels to boost suddenly. The energy that you receive after eating Paneer also does not come and go in an instant, unlike most other high energy foods. One cup of Paneer can give you 6 g of carbs and 28 g of proteins.

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