What Meats Are Considered Lean Protein?

What Meats Are Considered Lean Protein?
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We often hear about lean meats; low-fat proteins which are recommended in particular for people with heart conditions. fatty liver disease, cholesterol problems or who are overweight. However, when shopping for them, it is not always clear which meats are considered lean protein, which cuts should you choose and which ones you shouldn't eat too much of. At OneHowto we explain in detail everything you need to know about lean meat.

What do we mean by lean meat?

To find out if a meat is lean, you need to know the percentage of fat it contains. Lean meat, no matter the type or cut, is consdered to have less than 10% fat per 100 grams, which makes it a healthy protein.

Some meats naturally fall into the lean category, while others can be depending on the cut you choose.

Lean meat: chicken

Chicken being a white meat falls into the category of lean protein. Remember you should remove the skin before eating it to ensure that the percentage of fat is actually reduced. The breast and thighs are the least fatty parts.

Here are a few recipes with chicken for you to enjoy this lean meat:

  • How to make chicken with white sauce
  • How to make chicken and vegetable stew
  • How to make stuffed chicken
  • How to make chicken burgers

Lean meat: turkey

Like chicken, turkey is classed as a lean protein because of its low fat and cholesterol content, with the thighs and breast having the fewest calories. This type of protein is ideal for those of us who want to eat healthy or lose weight by reducing how much fat we eat.

You can prepare a delicious turkey breast and enjoy its succulent taste.

Lean meat: rabbit

Due to its high content of muscle fiber and low fat percentage, rabbit is considered lean protein, ideal for those wishing to enjoy a full-flavored meat while counting calories.

There are several traditional rabbit recipes, you can enjoy it in garlic, stewed with basil or roasted.

Lean meat: some cuts of beef, pork and lamb

Although the meats mentioned above are traditionally considered lean, some cuts of beef, pork and lamb are also considered lean if they contain less than 10% fat, for example:

  • Veal: loin, flank and sirloin.
  • Lamb: leg cuts.
  • Pork: loin, shoulder and sirloin.

Other foods that are considered lean protein

Apart from meat, you can also get lean protein from other foods, which can be a perfect substitute to meat for vegetarians and vegans.

For example, eggs have a great amount of lean protein. Edamame beans are also a great example of vegetable lean protein. Try them, they are delicious and contain nearly 0% fat!

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