Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: May 31, 2018
Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season

Fruit and vegetable shelves in your grocery store look almost the same during every month of the year. Worldwide distribution and the latest food processing systems have made foods available all year round. But according to health and nutrition experts, it is always better to eat seasonal fruits in your area.

Nature is intelligent, and everything that it has planned is for the good of people. If an orange is available in winter season, it is because it has high vitamin C content that you need to stay away from cough and colds associated with the season. Here at, we are going to talk about which fruits to eat according to the season, and why.

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Why it is important to eat fruits according to the season

Seasons form natural backdrop for your eating habits. All the healthiest foods on this earth are seasonal. You won’t have a full vegetable garden during chilled the winter season, but imagine the same garden on a hot summer's day. Did you notice the difference the garden undergoes during two different seasons? According to ecologists, seasons form a source of immense natural diversity. The changes that the crops go through from spring to summer and from fall to winter are really important for keeping balance between the life forms and the earth's natural resources. That is why, it is important to eat fruits and other foods according to the season only.

Finding seasonal fruits

Most supermarkets nowadays have fruit all year round, but purchasing seasonal fruits is your best option for fresh and locally produced fruit. Take a look at which fruits to eat according to the season:


During this season it is better to focus on tender fruits that represent fresh new growths of the season. The color game that happens during spring time should be presented by colorful fruits in your plate, including mango, apricots, oranges, cherries, pineapple, kiwis and strawberries.


For this season, stick to light and cooling fruits that keep you cool during the warmth, including pear, plum, apple, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, loquat and mulberries. You can find a full list of summer fruits in our article What are the summer fruits.


During autumn or fall, you have the freedom to turn towards more warming fruits, including grapes, guava, persimmons, crab apples, cranberries, figs and date plum.


Turn to even more warming fruits during winter. Remember that the fruits that take longer time to grow are more warming that the fruits that grow rapidly. Some of the fruits that fall into this warming category include date plums, mandarin oranges, pears, passion fruits, red currants and dates.

All-season fruits

All-season fruits are the ones that you can eat all-year round, and they are appropriate and are available all through the year. Some of such fruits include apples, bananas, coconuts, papayas etc.

Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season - Finding seasonal fruits

Advantages of eating seasonal fruits

When you eat seasonal fruits, you get the best of flavor they can have. Freshly picked fruits are fragrant, colorful and juicy. As plants get nourished from the soil and the sun, seasonally fresh fruits are fully developed and ripe. As more fruits are available during the season, they prove to be more economical as well.

Seasonal fruits grow without much effort and technology, because of which minimum pesticides and chemicals are used for their cultivation.

Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season - Advantages of eating seasonal fruits

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Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season
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Which Fruits To Eat According To The Season

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