Why are Black Beans Good for You

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Why are Black Beans Good for You

Phaseolus vulgaris is the biological name of Black beans. These beans are commonly known as Turtle beans due to its hard outer cover. Black beans can be added to both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. They may not look visually much appealing but one look at their nutritional values and health benefits and you will definitely add it to your next meal.

In this article we will tell you why black beans are good for you.

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Nutritional value of black beans

  1. Protein: Vegetarians are always on a lookout for a protein–rich diet. Black beans can be your perfect source of protein. Unlike animal products, black beans contain no cholesterol and just traces of saturated fat along with bulks of protein.
  2. Fiber: One cup of cooked black bean contains 15 grams of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber lowers blood glucose level and cholesterol while insoluble fiber improves digestion and prevents constipation.
  3. Micronutrients: Black beans contain iron, magnesium, folic acid, phosphorus and zinc. It is also a very good source of calcium and potassium.
  4. Antioxidants: One major reason of including black beans in your daily diet is the amount of antioxidants found in it. Black beans contain much more antioxidants in it than any other types of beans. The amount of antioxidant present in black beans is same as that found in grapes, apples and cranberries.
  5. Phytonutrients: Black beans are one of the best source of phytonutrients. Its black skin contains three anthocyanin flavonoids: delphinidin, malvidin and petunidin. It also contains hydroxycinnamic acids which are extremely beneficial for our body.
Why are Black Beans Good for You - Nutritional value of black beans

Health Benefits of Black Beans

  1. Healthy Digestion: Fiber rich black beans helps to move the food smoothly through our digestive tracts and thus it prevents constipation.
  2. Healthy Bones: The high content of calcium and phosphorus aids in building and strengthening bones of our body. Along with calcium and phosphorus, black beans also contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc and they all contribute to keeping up our bone strength.
  3. Maintains healthy body weight: Black beans are very low in calories as compared to the weight. So, you can eat large portions of black beans which would help you feel full for longer duration without adding much calories to your body.
  4. Healthy heart: Black beans contains large amount of soluble fibers which helps in lowering blood cholesterol, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. The omega 3 fatty acids in black beans are actually good cholesterol which are beneficial for our heart. It also lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow.
  5. Beneficial for pregnant women: Black beans contain folate which is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Folate helps in proper development of the brain and spinal cord of fetus.
  6. Manages Diabetes: High fiber content of black beans also helps in managing diabetes. It helps in lowering blood glucose level of type 1 diabetics and improves blood sugar, insulin and lipids level of type 2 diabetics.
  7. Prevents Cancer: Flavanoids found in the outer cover of Black beans helps in fighting free radicals. This helps in inhibiting growth of cancerous tumors and increases speed of apoptosis i.e. cell death among the cancer cells. So, including black beans in your daily diet will help you in leading a cancer free life.
Why are Black Beans Good for You - Health Benefits of Black Beans

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Why are Black Beans Good for You
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Why are Black Beans Good for You

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