How to Cook Crab

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cook Crab

Crab is a delicious type of seafood and it offers a wealth of culinary possibilities. Whether you prepare it for a special occasion or as an accompaniment to your Christmas feast, it will always be a hit with your guests. If you also want to discover how to cook crab, check out this OneHowTo article and surprise your friends and family with this succulent dish.

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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

First of all, it is good to know the differences between male and female crabs. The latter is always recommended for use in the kitchen because it contain more brown meat and is therefore tastier.

Thus, the main aesthetic difference between crabs of both sexes is in the belly area. When distinguishing between them, you must turn them over and see which one of the two has a broad, rounded triangular carapace: that will be the female. In the images below. the female is at the bottom.

How to Cook Crab - Step 1

Similarly, you will need to buy a fresh crab to guarantee maximum freshness and a nicer flavor. So when you get home, you should remove the package or bag in which the fishmonger has placed the crab. When possible, buy local crab so that the dish you serve up is full of flavor and is fresh.



Now, let's get down to the recipe to cook crab. First, fill a big saucepan with cold water, and add some bay leaves or other herbs if you want to give the meal an extra depth of flavour. Before turning on the heat, put the crab inside the pot. If you place the crab in the saucepan when the water is hot, the legs will most likely become detached.

However, if you use frozen crab, add to the saucepan once the water starts to boil.


Once the water boils, leave the crab to cook for 15 minutes for each kilo of crab; this will make sure it is cooked properly. After this, take it from the pan and run some cold water over it from the tap, so the meat is nicely firm and tender.

You can add some delicious sauces to it that you will learn how to make at OneHowTo, check them out:

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  • If you don't want to use heavy sauces, simply squeeze some fresh lemon on your crab to give it a tangy taste.

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Can one not kill a crab before boiling like lobster?
I was unaware crab should be boiled from cold not plunged in when the water is boiling so it dies quickly.
I know we are killing to eat it anyway it’s just that doing it slowly seems cruel to me.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Robert
Some people suggest placing live crabs into the freezer for about 15minutes before boiling them as it numbs them.

How to Cook Crab
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How to Cook Crab

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