How to cook quinoa

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to cook quinoa

Quinoa is a is a seed commonly used as a whole grain with a great amount of nutrients such as iron, fiber and magnesium. This may be the reason it has become so popular in recent years, especially in healthy diets. It is fast to cook and also has very few calories, which makes it the perfect dish to make accompanied by pulses, salads and curries.

Cooking Quinoa will take you no more than 20 minutes and hardly needs any preparation. If you want to know how to cook Quinoa for 4 people and add this wonderful product to your diet, keep on reading this OneHowto article.

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Before you start cooking the Quinoa, it's important to wash the Quinoa in cool water. This is important because Quinoa has a natural component called "saponin" that can give this product a soapy or bitter tasted once cooked. Even though, there is boxed Quinoa that has been previously rinsed.

Drain the Quinoa with a fine-mesh strainer.

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If there is still water in the Quinoa after draining it, you can toast in a pan for a minute on medium-high heat to let the water evaporate. If you don't like bitter tastes it's best you don't use oil or butter on the pan.


Add 2 cups of water or broth for each cup of Quinoa used and a pinch of salt. Bring to boil and then cook on lower heat for 15 minutes.


After these 15 minutes, leave to stand for another 5 minutes with the top covered. If there is still water or the Quinoa hasn't totally cooked after this time, heat on low for another 5 minutes.


After this step you will just need to fluff the Quinoa and it's ready to eat! You can use Quinoa in several dishes such as Tabouleh, Quinoa chili or even Quinoa dumplings.

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  • You will get a better taste if you cook the Quinoa in vegetable broth.
  • If you'd like to cook Quinoa in a rice cooker, bear in mind you need to use half the liquid you'd use with rice.
  • Quinoa is also a very good alternative for a healthy breakfast as it has many proteins.

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How to cook quinoa
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How to cook quinoa

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