How to Make a Chocolate Yule Log for Christmas

How to Make a Chocolate Yule Log for Christmas

The Yule log, as the name suggest, is a typical Christmas dessert. The origins of the Yule log come from Northern Europe and those cold Nordic lands. It has been successfully exported to many countries across Europe. In Germany, nearly all households make a Yule log. In Ireland, yule logs are also quite popular so we will now explain how to make a Chocolate Yule log for Christmas step by step to brighten up your Christmas dinner.

medium difficulty
  • For the chocolate cream:
Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first step to make a chocolate Yule Log for Christmas is to start with the base, then we'll move on to the chocolate coverage.

Beat the sugar and egg yolks for fifteen or twenty minutes, gradually adding the flour, cocoa powder and grated lemon.


Beat the egg whites to point and then mix them with the rest of the ingredients. Place it all on a long narrow mold, covered with butter and parchment paper.


Place the base of the Yule log in a warm oven (pre--heat at approximately 180 degrees Celcius, 350 Fahrenheit or gas 4) for 25 to 30 minutes. Then remove the cake from the oven and turn it around on itself, so you can remove the paper and leave it on the sur., which will soon be covered in biscuit.


The purée will have been prepared while the log is in the oven, by cooking, previously peeled, with the amount indicated chestnuts (200 g) in a deciliter of sweetened milk with 25 g of sugar and flavored with vanilla.


Now, it's time to prepare the chocolate cream to cover the Christmas Yule log. The sugar is dissolved in a quarter of water, which is poured into a sauce pan and boiled. One it starts to boil, add the chocolate, cut up into bits.


Mix it all well, add the fine paste, once taken off the heat, add 200 g of butter. Cook for fifteen minutes over a low heat.


Cover the cake with this chocolate coverage. We recommend you do so with a piping bag, as it will be easier for you. If you don't have one at home you can make a piping bag at home yourself.

When it is already cold, you can add marks that mimic tree bark with a fork.


You can set the Christmas Yule log on the dinner table with some berries on top and some icing sugar to imitate snow.

It's better to let the Yule log rest in the fridge for one or two days for a better taste, so put in in an airtight container so it keeps its flavor properly.

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  • You can add some pieces of fruit for garnish too.