How to make a typical Spanish bombón coffee

How to make a typical Spanish bombón coffee

The cafe bombón is a type of sweet coffee drink, originally from the Spanish region of Alicante, made with an espresso coffee mixed with condensed milk in a glass. It is very simple to prepare, so we can do it at home to enjoy a different coffee experience, either after lunch or in the afternoon. Pay attention to the following recipe and discover in OneHowTo how to make a bombón coffee within moments.

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Steps to follow:

The first step to make a café bombón is to add condensed milk to the bottom of the glass or cup that we will use to serve it. You can add as much condensed milk as you like, just leave enough space for the coffee. Use commercially prepared condensed milk or prepare it yourself at home if you prefer. In our article making condensed milk you can see the recipe.


Once you have added the condensed milk, it will be time to make the coffee. Preferably, it should be an espresso, but of course it can be made to personal taste. For this you can use different methods, depending on the appliance you have available.

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When ready, gently add the coffee in the glass or cup of condensed milk. The different density of the ingredients means they will not mix and will remain visibly distinguishable, leaving the coffee at the top. Therefore, to appreciate this aesthetic we suggest you serve the bombón coffee in a small glass or transparent cup.


Now that we have the cafe bombón ready in its traditional preparation of coffee and condensed milk, we can decorate it and make it richer. We can add cream or whipped cream on top. On top of it, you can also sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon to taste that will give it a sweet finishing touch.


This is how to make a typical Spanish bombón coffee - delicious, isn't it? Here at OneHowTo you can also learn how to make a carajillo, another Spanish coffee that has liquor.

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