How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail

Do you know which is the trendiest drink at the moment? The vermouth! Although it is a drink with a long European tradition having a vermouth for brunch is quite a trendy thing to do nowadays. Going out for a vermouth to a bar or wine cellar is great, but it is also possible to prepare it at home and save some money. Enough waiting... discover in this OneHowTo article how to prepare a vermouth cocktail.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

Vermouth is an alcoholic drink that is made from wine, absinthe and some other spices like cardamom or cinnamon. Its name derives from the French vermouth which in turn comes from the German word wermut, which means wormwood, the plant that gives it its characteristic flavor.

It is important to note that there are different types of vermouth which, broadly speaking, we can divide into two groups:

  • red or sweet
  • white or dry

Take a look at the different ways to drink vermouth to find the one that you prefer the most.

So the first step to prepare a good vermouth will be to choose which appeals most to us. The difference between the two varieties will be marked mainly by the amount of sugar they contain, as well as the amount of alcohol.

How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 1

Similarly, before serving the vermouth you should be aware that it can be prepared in different glasses:

  • Short glass for beer or wine, a wide and low brimmed glass that is relatively thin
  • Glass that is somewhat wider and taller and a little thicker
  • Oval glass
  • Martini glass

If you opt for sweet or red vermouth, it is important not to serve it in a tall glass, the best option will always be a short glass.

How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 2

It will be very important too to serve the vermouth chilled, so you can choose to add ice or instead go for cooling it in the refrigerator a few hours before serving and keeping it in a wine cooler. While the first option is usually the most widespread, the fact is that some people do not want to spoil the drink and prefer not to add ice to it.

How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 3

When preparing the vermouth it is also very common to add to the glass an extra that gives it a touch of a different taste to the drink:

  • orange peel in red vermouth
  • olives or lemon in white vermouth
How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 4

It is also important to know that it is possible to reduce the vermouth, as its alcohol content ranges from 13 to 18º, with soda, especially in the case of red vermouth. Also, there are those who add a little white wine to reduce its concentration.

How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 5

And remember that enjoying a vermouth as they do on the continent means not only having the drink but also a light snack such as a couple of tapas to be eaten at noon. The vermouth is usually enjoyed with olives, crisps, canned cockles, mussels, etc. but we can also opt for something more elaborate like some tasty potatoes wedges in spicy sauce for example.

Enjoy the vermouth!

How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail - Step 6

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How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail
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How To Make A Vermouth Cocktail

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