How To Make An Indian Masala Chai Tea From Scratch

How To Make An Indian Masala Chai Tea From Scratch

Westerners usually call it Chai Tea, which is a distinct milk based tea commonly consumed by people from the Indian sub-continent and south-east Asia. The warm spicy note of tea, along with the heat and the soothing properties of warm milk make it a very relaxing beverage to consume. Indians consume this masala chai tea any time of the day, in any weather. They consume it with meals, and also serve it to guests. It is simple to make, and proves to be a perfect drink on a cold winter evening. Any Indian you meet can teach you how to make an Indian masala chai tea from scratch. Here at, we are going to share with you a common household recipe of this warming holiday drink.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty
Steps to follow:

Take a deep dish container, and pour ¾ cup of water into it


Add ½ cup half and half milk into it


Also add 1 full tsp of black tea


Take 1 pod cardamom, 2 mulched pea size fresh ginger, 1-2 big whole black pepper and 1/6 cinnamon stick, crush them together on a paper, and mix them all in the water and milk mix in the pan


Let it boil for 10 minutes, while stirring it from time to time


Add sugar to taste


Drain on a strainer, and serve in a tea cup


A soothing drink is prepared, which you can enjoy with cookies, pies, cheesecakes etc. See how to make no-bake cheesecake from scratch and check out other recipes at to prepare best dishes you can enjoy with an Indian masala chai tea.

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