How to Make Apple Salad

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Apple Salad

The recipe that we propose today has its roots in Mexico; it is a delicious apple salad and is usually prepared for Christmas. However, it also makes a lovely accompaniment to lunch or dinner with friends. The following ingredients are required for this recipe: apple, pineapple, grapes and whipped cream, and yes, it should be served cold to be able to truly savour all its flavour. Do you want to surprise your guests with this apple salad? In this OneHowTo article, we provide a recipe that serves four people.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
You'll need:
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

To prepare the apple salad, you should cut the apple in cubes so that they are small but not too fine. Some people prefer to remove the apple skins before cutting the apples; but you can do whatever you prefer. If you choose to leave the skin, make sure to wash them well before.


The next step is to add the pineapple to the salad. You can buy a whole pineapple and cut it into pieces, or, if you prefer, use canned pineapple in syrup. Remember that the syrup is very sweet and will alter the taste of your salad significantly.

How to Make Apple Salad - Step 2

The next step to do is to add the apple, raisins and nuts to the salad. Nuts should be peeled and should not be cut in pieces that are too small; instead, divide cut each nut into four pieces. Now it's time to mix the ingredients.

How to Make Apple Salad - Step 3

Get the containers in which you'll serve the apple salad. Why not serve it in a glass bowl so that the rainbow of colours is displayed nicely? After all, they say that you taste your food with your eyes. Divide the salad between the different glass bowls.


Before refrigerating, add some generously whipped cream to the apple salad; this will prevent the ingredients from being dry. When you have included the cream, place the salad in the fridge. This salad needs to be eaten cold, or at least fresh, but never at room temperature.


When ready to serve, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and finish off with a cherry or blackberry on top. Alternatively, you could place a cinnamon stick on top, to give it the perfect final touch.

How to Make Apple Salad - Step 6

This salad will create a sweet touch to your dishes and your guests will truly love its fresh flavor.

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How to Make Apple Salad
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How to Make Apple Salad

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