How to Make Authentic Paella Mixta

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Make Authentic Paella Mixta

One of the most famous Mediterranean dishes is paella mixta, a delicious rice dish where the best meat and tastiest seafood are combined in a scrumptious recipe. Paella is one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants, however, know that you can learn to do it yourself with a few simple steps, if you follow them to the letter, your result will be just as good as fine dining establishments. On OneHowTo we tell you how to make authentic paella mixta so you know the essential tricks that make this dish more than delicious.

4 diners Between 1 & 2 hours medium difficulty
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first thing we do for this paella mixta recipe is to cut the meat into cubes so that they are not too large and to be integrated into the paella. We put a little oil in a pan and when hot, brown the chicken and then, the pork; it is important to do it separately to avoid mixing flavours and losing their integrity. You must not cook them through, just pass it in the pan a little and let them cook medium.


Add a little oil to the pan and cook the prawns a bit to also brown slightly. They do not need to be cooked in full. Take them out and in the same oil cook the shredded squid; take it out when it's half cooked.


Now is the turn of the vegetables. Take the red pepper and chop it into small pieces, as we do with the garlic and tomato. Sauté in a pan with a little oil for about 5 minutes to get them to start to soften.


The next step for making an authentic paella Valenciana is to incorporate all the ingredients in the paella dish except the prawns, mussels and peas. Fry together; add the paprika, saffron, salt and rosemary and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, put the chicken broth in a pot and make it boil so when we have to add it to the paella it doesn't slow down the cooking.


The next step is to add the rice. Distribute it well throughout the paella and mix all the ingredients, when that's done, incorporate the boiling chicken broth and stir everything well. Note that the rice should be covered by the broth so that it cooks correctly. It is important not to stir the rice and if you're worried that it's stuck, shake the paella dish but the rice should not be touched. If you see that the rice is too inflated and there is not enough stock, you can reheat a bit and throw it in the recipe.


The mussels and peas should be added to the pan when ten minutes have past. Then, after five minutes add the prawns and lower the heat so it finish cooking. Note that rice in paella Valenciana normally takes about 20 or 25 minutes to cook so it is important that the fire is low to prevent the heat burning the rice on the bottom.


When you see the rice is ready (cooking time will always depend on the taste of a person, if you like it more or less hard) turn off the heat and cover the paella with a cloth for about 5 minutes. Letting the paella rest is essential to acquire this very unique and delicious texture of this recipe. Bon Appetite!


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How to Make Authentic Paella Mixta
How to Make Authentic Paella Mixta

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