How to Make Cupcakes Without an Oven

How to Make Cupcakes Without an Oven

Do you love cupcakes and want to prepare them at home but you do not have an oven? This is a problem which many people encounter and believe it is impossible to find a solution; but it is not the case! In fact, you can make delicious cupcakes in the microwave and in under half an hour have some great sweets ready.

Preparing no-bake cupcakes is no mystery, as the ingredients are similar to those you would use to make traditional cupcakes. Do not wait any longer and get to work following this oneHOWTO step by step recipe showing how to make cupcakes without an oven.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
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Before we begin to explain how to makecupcakes without an oven, it is important to emphasize that the next steps will be identical to those necessary to make traditional cupcakes. The only change is the cooking method: the microwave.

Furthermore, we must highlight that the final outcome of these no-bake cupcakes can be a little less fluffy and sponge-like than that of traditional cupcakes.


And so, the first thing to do is to beat the eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Afterwards, add the olive oil or sunflower oil and continue stirring.

We recommend not using intensely flavored oil because will make the cupcakes acquire a particular taste that will overpower the other flavors.


Then, add the yogurt to the mixture; you can opt for plain, natural or Greek yogurt, but also for flavored yogurts such as lemon or strawberry. Continue mixing until all the ingredients are integrated.


Then add the flour and baking powder, previously mixing them together and sieving them before joining the cupcake mix. Remember you only need a sieve and a spoon.


Once you have achieved a smooth mixture, pour it into the cupcake molds,filling only 2/3 of each. You can choose silicone or paper holders and place them in a cup or other container.

Remember: do NOT use any metal molds, because we will be using the microwave and not the oven.


Once the molds are full, you can put them in the microwave on maximum power for 15 minutes, to ensure that the no-bake cupcake dough is cooked and rises. After this time, using a knife or other sharp utensil, prick them to ensure they are well cooked.


Regarding the frosting or decoration for your oven-less cupcakes, the decision on whether and how to decorate is completely up to you. At oneHOWTO we will show you how to make several types of frosting:

  • How to make vanilla frosting
  • How to make chocolate frosting
  • How to make strawberry frosting

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