How to make fried plantain chips

How to make fried plantain chips

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits thanks to their multiple benefits. Amongst these we can emphasize their diuretic properties to combat diarrhoeal problems and are high in folic acid. You can eat bananas raw and include them in your most delicious desserts by preparing a delicious banana frosting or fry the variety known as plantain to make an appetizer. If you like this last idea and want to know how to make fried plantain do not miss this OneHowTo article.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first thing you must do is peel the plantains. To do this cut both ends and with a knife, make vertical cuts to remove all peels smoothly. Ideally the plantains should be green, but if you only have a mature plantain do not worry, you can also cook it.


When you have the two peeled plantains, you must cut them into very thin slices so that the result is a kind of potato version of a potato crisp. You can also cut them slightly thicker and squash them with the base of a glass, for example, to make them thinner. Add salt to taste.


Now you should put abundant sunflower oil in a pan. When hot, add the plantains and fry the slices as if they were potatoes. Move them occasionally to prevent sticking and dont withdraw from the pan until nicely browned.


When ready, place paper towels on a plate and place the slices of fried plantain on top to absorb the oil. When the paper is soaked in oil, remove it and you will have your fried plantain chips are ready to eat. As you can see, this is a very simple and quick recipe. Some people sprinkle salt instead of sugar, so it can also become an original and different dessert.


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