How to Make Griddled Chicken Breast

How to Make Griddled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast has excellent benefits for people who are dieting, no matter if it they diet to lose weight or gain muscle mass. The breast is the part of the chicken that has the least fat, so many doctors and nutritionists recommend eating breast to improve diets.

Undoubtedly the breast is very healthy, but... How to make it yummy? There are many ways, but today at OneHowTo we will explain how to make griddled chicken breast, one of the simplest recipes that you can prepare in a short time and that goes fantastically with a salad.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
Steps to follow to make this recipe:

First of all, cut the chicken breasts into fillets: make them wide, with a height of 1 to 1.5 centimeters. Of course, many butcher's shops and supermarkets sell chicken breasts already filleted, but those might be too thin and would be too dry.

Mark the chicken breasts' surface with a sharp knife so that the lemon can enter deep inside the fillet and give it a thoroughly sharper taste.


Squeeze the lemons into juice and add the salt and pepper. Let the chicken soak in the mixture and leave for half an hour to marinate. Turn the breasts over every once in a while so that it absorbs the salt and pepper better.


Turn on the griddle so that it starts heating on a medium setting. A couple of minutes later, add some butter or oil so that the meat doesn't stick. Then add the chicken breasts.


Keep turning them over so as to prevent the chicken breasts from sticking or burning.


Remember that chicken breast is quite dry and will take a little to cook. Remember to cook it on both sides. To know if it's cooked, cut a piece and see whether the knife cuts it easily. Check that the chicken meat does not have a soft or sticky texture. Of course, cook it to your taste - some people prefer their chicken breast a bit charred and golden.

That's it - Bon appetit!

Now that you know how to make griddled chicken breast, why not try to make chicken burgers, lemon chicken or chicken in white sauce? They're all easy and delicious!

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