How to Make Homemade Raspberry Jam

How to Make Homemade Raspberry Jam

Preparing homemade jams can be relatively easy if you follow this method. Fruit is especially suitable for conservation, due to the acids which they contain. Adding a lot of sugar will also help the conservation process. Many jam recipes require an extended period of time for boiling down the volume, but if sugar is added in advance, this minimizes the boiling time and gives you more flavor. Do not wait to discover how to make homemade raspberry jam.

Between 45 & 60 minutes low difficulty
Steps to follow:

Choose the best raspberries you can find to make your homemade raspberry jam. They should be rinsed thoroughly with cold water.


Place the glass jars for preserve in a large pot along with the lids. Add 5 centimeters of water into the pot, cover, and bring to the boil for 10 minutes.


Place the raspberries in a pot. The volume of sugar you have to add is the same as the volume of raspberries.


Pour the sugar over the raspberries. Use a strong whisk to mix these ingredients. Stir into the edges of the pan to moisten the sugar stuck there. Mix until the juices are absorbed so that the entire mixture is moistened.


Boil the mixture. Reduce the heat until the little fat in the liquid rises near the top of the pot. Pay attention, and do not let the mixture boil.


If the proportion of sugar and raspberries is correct, the mixture will stabilize at about 104°C (219°F). If the temperature is lower, add a tablespoon of sugar until you get to the right temperature.

Be very careful and pour the boiling mixture into the sterilized jars. Clean the rim of the jars because there must be no debris and seal them well.


The foam that forms is edible but not the most attractive and tasty part. You can remove it with a spoon if you wish.

Immediately cover the boiling hot jam with a sterilized lid and secured with a hoop. Learn how to seal preseve jars if needed.


The next step is to boil the jars in a pan of water. It is not recommended that the bottles touch the bottom of the pot, so you must place a grid or other item under them. Add enough water to cover the jars and about a further 5 centimeters.


Cover the pot and bring the water to a boil. Then remove the jars from the boiling water. Use tongs to remove the jars is the safest way to do this. When you remove the jars from the water bath place them on a clean towel to cool.


Allow the jars to cool completely for 24 hours in a place that has good circulation.

And that's it, that's how you make homemade raspberry jam. You can leave this jam on any shelf without an excessive heat exposure. Refrigerate after you open it.

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