How To Make Kombucha Tea At Home

How To Make Kombucha Tea At Home

There are many health benefits attributed to Kombucha tea, this is why it has become such a craze lately and more and more people want to make it at home. As you may know, Kombucha is a fermented tea, so it is a slow process that will take some time, as it does to make other fermented foods like Kefir. Take note of all the steps to know how to make Kombucha tea at home.

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Steps to follow:

Before you start to make Kombucha tea at home, you should know that if it's the first time you've made it, you'll need to leave the mothers in the fridge to rest for ten days to make sure that you get the best results and to avoid any possible side effects. It's important you follow the package's instructions. You will find Kombucha tea on the Internet or a specialist, just make sure you are purchasing your mother Kombucha from a reputed retailer or trusted friend.


The first step to make Kombucha tea is to boil the two gallons of previously filtered water with the tea bags. Bring to boil and let the teabags stand for 5 minutes.


Once you have removed the teabags, pour the sugar and stir until you are sure the grains are perfectly dissolved. Leave to stand until cool (2 hours approx.).


Pour the tea into the glass jars and then the liquid that has come with the mother Kombucha, followed by the actual Kombucha mother. Do so carefully, laying it flat and making sure it doesn't break.


Once you have added all the Kombucha mothers to your jars, it's time to cover the jars with a piece of clean fabric or kitchen towel and tie it up with a piece of string or rubber bands.

Store your jars in a cool area away from the Sun. Let it stand for 5 whole days, as this is the time needed for the tea to ferment.


After five days have passed, you'll be able to open the jars again and carefully remove the mother. To be able to use it again, you should set it aside on a plate covered with half a glass of the fermented tea. You may be able to separate a baby from the mother. You'll be able to use it for your next batch of Kombucha tea if you store it with the tea in the fridge so it keeps its moist.

Once you have removed the mothers you can put the jars in the fridge to cool with their tops back on.


If you want your Kombucha tea to be tastier, pour a quarter of a cup of unsweetened fruit juice of your liking and ferment for two days with part of the mother, covered and away from sunlight. Repeat the previous step.


Now you can drink you Kombucha tea whenever you like and benefit from its qualities, as it is said it is beneficial for weight loss.

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  • The mother Kombucha is traditionally passed on to a friend, but you can throw it away or use it for your next batch with the babies.