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How to Make Liqueur Coffee at Home

How to Make Liqueur Coffee at Home

To make a tasty liqueur coffee at home you will need to mix spirits, coffee, lemon and orange peel, cinnamon and sugar and let it infuse.

Liqueur coffee is a popular drink in a numer of countries and cultures. The version we are explaining today comes from Galicia, in Spain, where liqueur coffee is made from a blend of brandy or marc (more typical in that region), coffee and sugar. This liqueur coffee is widely known across Spain as 'carajillo' and is served aplenty in traditional Galician festivals and carnivals such as the Entroido and the Tertulia. Note that this is a very strong alcoholic beverage, given that it contains liqueur, which has a high alcohol percentage. In Galicia, Asturias and Leon, this liqueur coffee is traditionally prepared at home, so there is no reason not to make your own liqueur coffee at home. If you fancy making this delectable drink beverage yourself, look no further than the following oneHOWTO article: how to make liqueur coffee at home.

More than 2 hours medium difficulty
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

To make liqueur coffee at home, pour the brandy or marc into a a jar or bowl that you will later need to cover.


In a casserole dish, prepare a syrup by adding around 100 ml of water to the sugar. Wait for it to boil, set aside to cool and then add the brandy.


Next, grind the coffee or, if you don't have a coffee grinder, buy your favourite ready-prepared coffee. You could also choose to use decaffeinated coffee if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you prefer not to drink caffeine late at night.

If you like coffee, there are many other recipes you can try such as iced coffee. If you like liqueur, you can try our liqueur chocolate.


Peel one lemon and one orange and add the peel and the coffee to the brandy.


If you like the taste, you could also add the cinnamon stick for an extra depth or flavour.


Cover and leave for around 10 days, stirring daily to mix all of the ingredients well. Waiting is key to make a good liqueur coffee at home.


After two to three weeks (according to your taste) strain the liqueur coffee by placing a fine cloth in a sieve or using a cheesecloth. We recommend that you strain it at least twice.


Bottle the liqueur coffee and store away from high temperatures. Et voilà, you have made liqueur coffee at home!

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  • When you make liqueur coffee, which will be at least three to five litres, you'll require about seven bottles because some alcohol will evaporate.
  • If you prefer to drink this cold, you can store it in in a bottle in the freezer as the alcohol will prevent the liquid from freezing.

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How to Make Liqueur Coffee at Home
How to Make Liqueur Coffee at Home