How to make meat sauces

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make meat sauces

Are you fed up of cooking meat and not knowing what to serve it with? Seasoning is one of the most important parts of a dish because it is what gives it flavour. Plus, a recipe can be transformed into something very different if you accompany it with a rich sauce. So that you can choose the ones you love the most and make variations to them, here you'll find list of different ways to marinate meat. Don't miss this OneHowTo article on how to make meat sauces.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

Chimichurri sauce

This is a quintessential sauce to accompany meats and barbeques and is made from: parsley, garlic, vinegar, red pepper and salt. It hails from Argentina and is also widely used in Uruguay. It is generally quite a spicy sauce.

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Escabeche is a marinade that can also be used as a sauce as well as to preserve food, especially fish, but also game and other food stuffs. To prepare the sauce, sauté sliced onions and carrots with chopped leeks. Then add chopped garlic, salt, bay leaves, pepper, lemon juice, sugar and vinegar. Leave it to boil for 20 minutes and, while still hot, pour over the meat.

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Romesco sauce

Romesco is a Catalan sauce that's made primarily to accompany calçots (a type of large spring onion that's eaten roasted) but also goes well with all types of meat or fish. To make it, you'll need tomatoes, hazelnuts, almonds, garlic, sundried cherry peppers, bread, oil and salt. It has quite a peppery taste and there are numerous variants, but anyone who tries it loves it.

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Sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and sour sauce can be used as an accompaniment for meat dishes as well as for breaded or battered meat, fish and boiled or fried vegetables. It is made from a mixture of sugar and wine vinegar, which gives it a sweet taste with a sour twist.

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Barbecue sauce

This is another traditional sauce made to accompany meat dishes, and it's great even if the meat isn't cooked on the barbecue. The ingredients used may vary depending on local recipes, variations and specialties. Barbecue sauce is both acidic and sweet and generally includes a little bit of spiciness or carries one predominant flavour. Here are the steps to follow so that you'll know how to make barbecue sauce.

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Port sauce

The main ingredient of this sauce is port, a Portuguese specialty. It is perfect as a meat accompaniment because it helps the meat to stay tender and juicy, while also providing a hint of sweetness.

Warm some poultry broth on low heat for a couple of minutes. Mix it with flower and beat well. Put the mix in the microwave for two minutes at 780 W, beat again and put back in the microwave for one more minute. Add 50 gr of butter and one glass of port wine. Mix well and your port sauce will be ready!

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Walnut sauce

This sauce is particularly good for red meats. The nuts help to develop the richness of the sauce, which enhances the flavour of your dishes. You'll need: thyme, onions, 2-3 walnuts, oregano, black pepper, 1 cup of roast meat juice, 1 glass of water and salt.

To do it, you need to boil water with thyme and oregano, sieve the broth and save it. Cut the onions and fry them until golden. Then add the broth, the perfectly-mashed walnuts, pepper and salt and leave it to cook until the broth has reduced. Take the saucepan off the heat and you have your walnut sauce!

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These are just a few of the sauces you can make. Take a look at our sauces section to find more!

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  • Choose the type of sauce that best combines with the kind of meat you're preparing.
  • These meat sauces can give your dish a special touch, transforming it into a gourmet dish.

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How to make meat sauces
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How to make meat sauces

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