How to Make Oat Flour at Home

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Oat Flour at Home

Making flour at home is really simple if you have the appropriate tools. Especially for those who prefer to use alternatives to wheat, this technique can be the solution to the high costs of buying special meals for celiac and other products with a minimal amount of gluten. One of the most popular and simple to prepare is oats. They are nourishing and ideal to add to our favorite recipes. What are you waiting for? Start saving making your own flour! Read on and discover how to make oat flour at home quickly and easily.

Less than 15 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

Making oat flour at home is very easy and you just need a common ingredient such as oat flakes. It is advisable to use traditional oats instead of instant ones because the texture of the flour obtained will be different and depending on what we want to wake with it, the latter does not always work as well. Importantly, oat products are not completely free of gluten, as it contains a small amount of gluten proteins.

How to Make Oat Flour at Home - Step 1

As far as pulverizing utensils go, ideally you should have a high-powered blender for ease of use, efficiency and comfort. However, you can use any food processor, such as a blender or although the process is a little slower and the resulting flour is not so fine. As a final option, you may use a coffee mill as long as you only want to make a small amount of flour, because it is much slower than the previous methods and a tiring process.


Once you have the oats and utensil that you'll use, we can now start to make oat flour. The amount you will need depends on your needs. If you need a kilo of flour, for example, it is best to go slowly if you don't have a blender. Put the flakes in the bowl of a blender and blend them for two minutes at full power.

How to Make Oat Flour at Home - Step 3

If you're using a mixer, put the oats in a deep bowl, introducing the blender and covering the top with plastic wrap to prevent the flour escaping. Then, mix it on a medium-high speed until it is as thin as possible. This process takes much longer and the texture may not be exactly as you'd like, but, anyway, the result is right. If using another processor as a grinder, it will be much easier because you will not have to cover it.


If you use a blender, it is advisable that process the flakes slowly if you intend to obtain a high amount of oat flour. As you see, preparing gluten flour at home is very easy and much cheaper than buying ready-made flour. You can use this flour to make delicious oatmeal pancakes, cookies or biscuits. And if you want other ways to make this food, do not miss our article on how to eat oatmeal.

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How to Make Oat Flour at Home
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How to Make Oat Flour at Home

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