How to Make Pizza in a Pan

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Pizza in a Pan

If you do not have an oven but are a fan pizza you will love to know you can cook your favourite dish without using an oven. The pan can become your new 'oven' so you will be able to cook delicious, crisp and perfect pizzas and enjoy their flavour in full. In less than 45 minutes you can prepare this dish with Italian roots, give it your own personal touch and making the dough with your own hands. Do you want to know more? Then read this OneHowTo article in which we show you how to make pizza in a pan.

Between 30 & 45 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

To start making pizza a the pan the first step you have to do is prepare the dough. To do this, mix the yeast with the sugar and water until all ingredients come together. Do this in a bowl so that the water does not overflow. When ready leave the mixture to stand for 15 minutes and see how after this time it becomes frothy. Add the wheat flour and cornstarch, salt and a little olive oil. Mix with an electric whisk for best results.


Next, create a dough using the previously prepared mixture, kneading it with your hands to get a better consistency. When it is ready make a ball with it, cover it with a cloth and leave to rest for 15 minutes.

How to Make Pizza in a Pan - Step 2

Meanwhile we will prepare the ingredients for the pizza. If you want to put vegetables on the pizza you will have to wash them with water and then cut them to size. Then you will have to cook the vegetables so they are not raw on the pizza. Note that by not using the oven the cooking process is different and so we recommend that the food be previously cook in a pan over a medium heat.


Then take a little flour to sprinkle on the table where you will work the dough that was left to rest. Take the ball and knead with the help of a roller. Ensure that it does not become wider than the pan, otherwise parts of the dough could remain raw.

How to Make Pizza in a Pan - Step 4

When you have the dough stretched to your liking you will have to add a layer of tomato sauce and the chosen ingredients and finally spread the grated cheese with a sprinkle of oregano for a 100% Italian touch. To make pizza in the pan you only need use a splash of oil and then add the pizza, cover and leave to slow cook for about 10 or 15 minutes. Ready!

How to Make Pizza in a Pan - Step 5

Not having an oven is no excuse to not prepare your favourite dishes. Here at OneHowTo we offer you a list of dishes that can be prepared in alternative ways and not use an oven:

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How to Make Pizza in a Pan
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How to Make Pizza in a Pan

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