How to make tzatziki with sour cream

How to make tzatziki with sour cream

Tzatziki is a wonderful dipping sauce that also goes well with any kind of salad, burger and falafel originally made with yoghurt. Today we'd like to show you how to make it with sour cream. The sauce originally has an Aegean origin, as the Greeks, Turkish and Persians have been using it for centuries to accompany other typical dishes such as Sulvaki or Gyros.

As you can see, you can use this sauce for many dishes, that's why OneHowto would like to show you how to make Tzatziki with sour cream. Follow this recipe step by step and get the real flavour.

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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first step you need to do is to prepare the ingredients for your tatziki sauce. Peel the cucumber, crush the garlic and chop the fresh dill finely.


In a bowl add the sour cream, garlic, dill and the mustard. If you want an excellent taste you can use dijon mustard.


Grate the cucumber finely in the bowl and mix it all together until it is perfectly combined.


Leave in the fridge for at least an hour before it is served. You can add a final touch by putting some dill leafs on top of the sauce for decoration.

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  • You can also use greek yoghurt instead of the sour cream, as the name suggests, it will taste less sour.