How To Make Watermelon Mojito

How To Make Watermelon Mojito

A mojito is one of the most popular drinks among cocktail lovers. There are more and more new variants of this classic combination of lime, brown sugar, soda water, rum and mint, and it is therefore no surprise to find exotic flavors. All kinds of fruit go well with this delicious and refreshing drink. If you want to learn a new recipe and try a different flavor, in this OneHowTo article we'll show you how to make watermelon mojito. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first thing you should do to make a watermelon mojito is to remove all the seeds and rind from the watermelon slices, and save them for later. Then, get a container and mortar to mix and crush the ingredients well.


Add brown sugar and the lime juice from the two limes into the same container. If you don't have brown sugar, you can use white, but you'll get a better taste with brown. Then, take a whole lime, cut it in half, add just one of the halves and crush it all with the mortar.


You should crush it until it has a paste consistency and the sugar has dissolved into the juice and lime. Then, add 7-8 mint leaves, two shots of white rum, crushed ice and half a can or bottle of soda water, sprite or something similar. Mix it all together.


While you're mixing, add the watermelon chunks and carry on stirring. If you don't like chunks and you want your watermelon mojito to have a more liquid texture, you can blend it. However, if you use a blender, don't add the crushed ice until afterwards.


Now that you have all the ingredients well mixed together, you can serve it in a glass and decorate it. Remember that presentation is crucial in cocktails because you see it before anything else. So, we suggest adding some mint leaves and a slice of watermelon on the edge of the glass as a decorative touch.


And there you have your watermelon mojito! As you can see, it's not complicated at all and the result is absolutely delicious. If you like cocktails we recommend you read How to make frozen peach Daiquiri, how to make an easy margarita on the rocks or, if you really want to surprise your friends at the next party, learn how to make homemade whiskey too!


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