How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe

If there is a dessert that chocolate lovers find irresistible that is coulant, also known as molten cake, a delicious option that is eaten hot and is ideal to serve with a generous scoop of ice cream. Though the black chocolate coulant is the most common version, white chocolate is an ideal ingredient to make an alternative and creative version of this sweet temptation. So in we explain in detail how to make white chocolate coulant with maximum enjoyment.

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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first thing we need to do in order to make white chocolate coulant is to divide the white chocolate, as we will need 100 grams for melting and 100 grams to be broken-up and inserted whole into the coulant before placing it in the oven.

How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe - Step 1

To prepare the white chocolate coulant you can use single use aluminium molds for custards, which are perfect for making this dessert. Begin by mixing the 4 eggs with the sugar and keep mixing until they are well beaten. Then melt 100 grams of chocolate along with the butter, you can do this following the bain-marie technique or using the microwave.

If you opt for the microwave you must heat the chocolate in a bowl for 30 seconds at maximum power and then stir, repeat in batches of 30 seconds until melted. It is important to be cautious and follow these times to prevent it from burning.

How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe - Step 2

Remove the chocolate when melted and let stand briefly. Meanwhile you can add butter and flour to the white chocolate coulant molds to prevent them from sticking.

Once the molds are ready mix in a bowl the eggs that you have previously beaten, the melted chocolate and the sieved flour (sieve to avoid lumps). Stir in a folding motion with a spatula until the mixture is smooth.


The remaining 100 grams of white chocolate should be chopped into squares to add to each coulant mold. Then pour the dough into the molds by filling only 1/3 of these, then add a full little square of chocolate to each one and then add a little more cake mix to reach at most 3/4 of the mold's capacity, do not forget that with cooking the dessert with grow.


Once all your molds are filled with the mixture you must place them in the freezer for at least 1 hour before cooking. This dessert can remain frozen uncooked for as long as you want, this will only give it a greater consistency and significantly improve the final result.


When it is time to cook preheat the oven to 180 ° C (356°F) and, once hot, place the coulant inside for 12 to 15 minutes. You will know that they are ready as the mix will rise slightly, but it is very important that you do not overdo the cooking as the white chocolate center of the coulant must be liquid.


When ready take them out of the oven and cut the mould using scissors and a tea-towel to not burn yourself, then serve the white chocolate coulant accompanied by grenadine syrup or an ice cream of your choice. Remember that this dessert should always be eaten hot.

Enjoy this rich recipe and tell us what your result was like.

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Hi, I will try this recipe as sound delicious, just a question, to cook the coulants, should I put them just from the freezer to the oven?
OneHowTo Editor
Dear Eunice,

Yes, you can put them directly in the oven, though it's fine to take them out of the freezer while you're pre-heating the oven.

Hope you enjoy the recipe!

How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe
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How to Make white Chocolate Coulant - Easy Recipe

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