How to Prepare Malai Kofta at Home

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Prepare Malai Kofta at Home

Malai kofta is one such recipe the name of which is enough to fill waters in your mouth. It is a classic Mughlai cuisine originated in North India. It consists of tender balls of vegetables and deep fried paneer afloat a creamy tomato onion gravy. It has a unique taste and serves as a great dish for a party or special occasion. Malai kofta goes well with naan, chapatti, pulao, parathas and jeera rice. Every bite of this royal dish is heavenly, and preparing it is easy too. Today, is sharing with you how to prepare malai kofta at home.

4 diners Between 45 & 60 minutes medium difficulty
  • For koftas
  • For puree
  • For gravy
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first step to make Malai Kofta at home is to mix the paneer with all the ingredients required to make the koftas, except the oil and extra flour. Shape this mixture into small balls, and roll each of them in the extra flour kept aside. Heat oil in a pan, and deep fry the balls one by one until they become golden brown in color. Remove from oil and place them on a kitchen paper which will absorb any extra fat from the koftas.


To make the puree, take tomato, onion, garlic, ginger, water and cashew nuts in a pan, turn on the heat and let it simmer for around 15 minutes until the tomatoes and onions become soft. When the mixture cools down, make a smooth puree with a grinder or blender.


For the gravy, heat butter and oil in a pan, add cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamom and bay leaf to it, and fry for 40 seconds until you get the aroma of spices. Add the puree and salt in it, and let it cook until all moisture has been evaporated. Add coriander powder and red chili powder to the pan, mix well and let it cook for one minute. Add water, mix well, and adjust water as per your desired consistency. Allow it to simmer for 5 minutes, and then add Garam Masala and kasoori methi. Your gravy is ready.


Now that you have mixed the puree and gravy together, it’s time to prepare for the serving. Take cream in a bowl, and dip all koftas into it. Add these koftas into the gravy and stir gently. Remember, koftas should be added to the gravy just before serving, otherwise the koftas will dissolve and get soggy. Serve in style with naan, parathas, chapattis, jeera rice or pulao.

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How to Prepare Malai Kofta at Home
How to Prepare Malai Kofta at Home

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