How to make colon cleanse juice

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017

This cleansing juice mixes the benefits of vegetables and fruit in a delicious smoothie that will allow you to accelerate metabolism, get rid of toxins and lose water retention, all in all, it will help your body's digestion. These detox juices are the latest in personal care and healthy living. In the following video we're going to show you a perfect recipe to make colon cleanse juice. Don't miss these juices to lower cholesterol levels and to lose weight.

You'll need:
  • Do not peel the cucumber, as it has lots of fibre, which will benefit you even more in your digestion.
  • Sage is very good to help you lose weight and it helps treat inflammation.
  • Do not use too much sage at first, as you may not like it very much, add it little by little every time you make this juice so you get used to the taste if you find you like it.
  • We recommend you blend all the ingredients well so you can drink the juice better.

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How to make colon cleanse juice
How to make colon cleanse juice

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