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How to Freeze Pumpkin

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 6, 2022
How to Freeze Pumpkin

The pumpkin is a very nutritious vegetable, which is full of health benefits in return for very few calories. It is an ideal choice for the preparation of creams, purées or desserts because of its sweet and delicious taste. However, it's not always easy to acquire pumpkin. When we do not have the opportunity to use it right away, at such times and to prevent it from being damaged, the pumpkin may be in need of freezing. How does one do it properly to ensure all the properties are preserved? On we explain in detail how to freeze pumpkin step by step.

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Steps to follow:


In order to freeze pumpkin properly for future use, you must cook the pumpkin first. Many people simply choose to boil it, but if you cook your pumpkin in the oven, the water contained in this plant is severely reduced. To make sure the final frozen product contains a much more intense flavour, we show you how to make it delicious when it thaws out.


Start by thoroughly cleaning the skin of your pumpkin. If you bought an entire pumpkin removing the skin can be difficult, so it is best to put it into the oven and peel it properly. You can do so as you would a jack o lantern by emptying it or cutting it.

If you have opted for a pumpkin that is already cut, skin it and then remove the pulp. That way, it's ready to be cooked.


The pumpkin should be left in the oven for about 45 minutes at 200 ° C (392 °F) - although this can vary according to size. If you've got a whole pumpkin to soften the skin and peeling, after 20 minutes of baking and you will see how easily the skin is removed and cut. Pop it back into the oven until it's soft and cooked.


Once you cooked, it's time to freeze the pumpkin. Wait for it to cool down and then put it into a container with a tight lid to seal well, or in freezer bags. Then you must pop it in the freezer. Now you can remove it and enjoy it when you like. It can last up to a year if properly refrigerated.

You may freeze diced or puréed pumpkin too if you wish to, the decision is yours.

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Thankyou I am going to try this as I have just pickup my pumpkin and the skin is soft where it was on the ground
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Are you sure the pumpkin isn't rotten?
How to Freeze Pumpkin